The CP Concrete Consortium receives US$80m funding for Carbon Pool Concrete technology development

The CP Concrete Consortium consisting of the Ready-mixed and Returned Concrete Solution Association (RRCS) member companies have been granted funding of 80 million USD by the NEDO’s Green Innovation Funding Program. The project is expected to run for ten years, with a total expense of 90 million USD. This project is ran by a consortium of 15 of RRCS members, led by Hazama Ando Corporation. Hazama Ando Corporation is one of the largest construction companies in Japan, with the 15 other members being construction companies. 

The purpose of this consortium is to drive the development of ‘Carbon Pool Concrete’ technology. This technology is a new concrete production method that reduces CO2 generated in cement production by reducing carbon emission during production and maximizing carbon sequestration post production. This novel concrete production technology is to be used in constructing pavements, buildings and other civil engineering structures. 


To aid the evaluation of carbon-efficiency of this technology, comprehensive carbon life cycle evaluation methods (LOCO2, LCA and LCC systems) have been further developed by a team of leading academias. This evaluation method attempts to robustly link concrete carbon life-cycle evaluation with carbon market-instruments (i.e., carbon credits) and ESG infrastructure funding (i.e., green bonds). This team is led by Dr Takafumi Noguchi, a tenured professor at University of Tokyo and chief director of RRCS.

Outline of Project ↓ 


Combining the use of both this new concrete production technology and novel comprehensive carbon life cycle evaluation methods, this project aims to redefine concrete as a carbon neutral material, codenamed ‘White Carbon’. 

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