How to Look for the Right Lawyer in Orange County

How to Look for the Right Lawyer in Orange County

If you face a legal issue and are unsure how to proceed, you may consult a lawyer. There are many ways to locate the ideal lawyer for you. Prepare to do some comparison shopping to select the finest attorney for your circumstances. Alternatively, identify two or more candidates and contact them to schedule a few minutes of interview time.

You can call any Orange County law firm referral service or your local county bar association, which will provide a lawyer referral service or another resource to aid you in locating a lawyer.

Otherwise, the following are some resources for locating a lawyer:

Organizations that provide legal assistance

If you cannot afford a lawyer, a legal services program may be able to assist you for a free or discounted rate with non-criminal problems. This will depend on your income and the nature of your legal issue.

Additionally, you’ll find lawyer referral services and other free and low-cost resources in your county.

Also, you can search for a legal assistance organization in your neighborhood by perusing the white pages of your phone book. When perusing the phone book or other directories, use caution because some organizations will falsely claim to provide “legal assistance.” Consult your local bar organization or a legal referral service if you are unsure.

A directory of licensed legal specialists

Certain types of problems may demand the assistance of a highly trained attorney specializing in particular areas.

The State Bar keeps a list of lawyers/attorneys that have been certified as specialists in specific areas of law. Attorneys may market themselves as certified specialists only if certified by the State Bar of California or a State Bar-approved organization.

Assistants to legal documents or paralegals

Legal document assistants, more commonly referred to as paralegals, are an invaluable resource for generating the voluminous paperwork required in family law and other types of proceedings.

However, they have not attended law school. They aren’t qualified to provide legal advice and are prohibited by law. Also, they are solely capable of carrying out your directions and are not taught to identify potential problems.


Inquire of your friends, coworkers, and supervisors whether they know any attorneys who have handled situations comparable to yours. If you know any other attorneys who practice in various areas of law, ask them for referrals for attorneys who specialize in the area in which you require assistance.

Additionally, referrals may come from business people or professionals such as bankers, pastors, physicians, social workers, and teachers.


A lawyer can obtain information from the phone book’s Yellow Pages and newspaper advertisements. Numerous lawyers and law firms advertise their services on the Internet. Online advertising is governed by the same laws that apply to advertising in print, radio, television, and other media. Additionally, lawyers may form a collective and advertise their services collectively.

When meeting with lawyers, you should ask several questions to ensure that you fully understand what the lawyer will accomplish for you and the associated fees. Then it would be best if you considered whether this is the proper advice for you.