Are You Compensated for Physical Therapist After an Accident?

After an auto accident, victims are likely to have injuries that require medical services, and more severe injuries might require physical therapy to recover. Since physical therapy is a medical service, it is included in medical expenses. Auto accident claimants add the invoices for the physical therapy to their legal claim to collect compensation, and an attorney can help clients through the legal process.  

Getting A Medical Assessment After an Accident 

After a car accident, the victim needs to go to the emergency room or an urgent care facility to get a complete medical assessment, and the records generated from medical treatment detail their injuries. The medical records show what the victim’s injuries are and how the injuries affect their life. More severe injuries require extra medical treatments such as physical therapy to help the person recover, and these costs must be covered by the at-fault driver. The victim discloses the cost of physical therapy after an accident to their attorney. 

Calculating the Cost of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a necessary part of recovery after surgical procedures and profound physical injuries, and the physical therapist provides the person with invoices for all services. When filing a legal claim after an auto accident, invoices for physical therapy is included in the claim. Physical therapy is included in medical expenses in legal claims, and the victim needs invoices for the total cost of the services to collect compensation for the financial loss. 

Attempting to File an Insurance Claim

If the at-fault driver had auto insurance, an attorney helps the victim try to file an insurance claim, and the attorney speaks with the insurer to get a claim started. If an insurance claim is available, the claimant could get coverage for medical treatments, including physical therapy. Accountable drivers without auto insurance cannot get coverage for the victim’s medical expenses, and the claimant must start a legal claim against the driver.  

Sending Medical Invoices to the Insurer

If an insurance claim is possible, the claimant needs invoices for all medical services, including ongoing services, and a physical therapist can provide a projected estimate for these costs. The victim needs to get an accurate total for the financial losses. When calculating the full amount the victim lost, the attorney needs medical service invoices, a financial statement show lost wages, and at least three estimates for auto repair costs. When an insurance claim is possible, the attorneys send a full estimate for all losses to the insurer.  

Starting a Legal Claim

Personal injury claims give auto accident victims a chance to collect compensation through the court, and the attorney collects evidence of all financial losses and files the lawsuit. Victims could receive a lump sum payment from the accountable driver or get payments. The claimant must prove that they sustained injuries and generate costs due to no fault of their own, and the court decides how much the victim receives in economic damages. 

Auto accidents produce serious injuries, including broken bones and damage to the limbs, and physical therapy is often required to help the person recover. An insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit is the only way for the victim to collect compensation. An attorney helps the victim gather evidence for the claims, and the cost of physical therapy is included in medical expenses. To learn more about getting compensated for medical costs, contact an attorney now.