Entrepreneur hits £1m revenue after mum’s accidental LinkedIn post goes viral

AN entrepreneur whose clients include Dragons’ Den stars James Caan CBE and Tej Lalvani has hit £1m revenue – after his mum’s accidental LinkedIn post went viral.


For most 25-year-olds, their mum popping up on their social media feed is a nightmare.


But for Joe Binder, CEO of London-based personal branding agency WOAW, it has been an unexpected money spinner.

Adele Binder only started using the social media site a month ago so she could follow Joe and his brother Ben in their respective business ventures.


However, when she tried to search for Joe’s name to view his profile, she accidentally posted it as a status instead – much to the amusement of the LinkedIn community.


Joe shared his mum’s post with his 20,000 followers with the caption ‘Welcome to LinkedIn mother’ and it has so far clocked up more than 3.2 million views.


It has also been shared thousands of times and received hundreds of comments.


Joe said: “I’ve been using LinkedIn for years, but I’ve never gone truly viral. She’s only been on it a couple of months and she’s already more famous than me.


“For a week or two I actually updated my profile description to read ‘Adele Binder’s son’, so people actually knew who I was!”


He added: “The post certainly got a big response. It was plastered across the newsfeed of millions of people, many of whom then looked at my profile. 
“They saw the services that we offer, then decided to get in touch. This resulted in a number of new leads, which has now helped us cross the £1m mark!” 
“So all I want to say is, thanks mum!”

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