Flourish Collective Launches A New Type of Baby Registry

Summary: The Flourish Fund Baby Registry puts family wellness first – expecting parents can register for support, not just stuff.

Newport, RI – December 23, 2020 – Flourish Collective today announced the launch of the Flourish Fund Baby Registry, the only baby registry that puts family wellness first.

With the Flourish Fund Baby Registry, users can register for gift bundles that include essential baby items, postpartum care and breastfeeding products for mom, and gift cards for wellness experiences and pregnancy and after-delivery support. Think birth doulas, lactation counselors, postpartum doulas, newborn care specialists, yoga and fitness classes, breastfeeding and baby education classes, and more. Users also can create a no-stuff registry and include just wellness experiences, pregnancy and birth support, and postpartum help.

What’s great about creating a Flourish Fund Baby Registry is that friends and family can contribute to the registering family’s wellness, even when they live far away or can’t visit because of the pandemic.

“It’s well-known that women often put themselves last, especially if they have children at home. With the Flourish Fund Baby Registry, expecting parents can register for wellness experiences and support to make welcoming a new baby more manageable for the whole family, especially mothers,” said Melissa Bowley, Flourish Collective Founder & CEO.

Melissa’s own postpartum experience inspired her to create the Flourish Fund Baby Registry. After her first child was born, she struggled to find support. “Everyone focuses on the wellbeing of the baby, but I had just been through the wringer giving birth. I was an emotional wreck and had no idea how to care for this new beautiful baby that we brought home. We didn’t have family nearby, so we were on our own. Even with an extremely supportive husband, I felt overwhelmed. As a mom, you tend to put your own health last, and the medical world put my health last once the baby was born,” and I want to change that for mothers with this baby registry.”

About the Flourish Collective
The Flourish Collective puts family wellness first by offering the Flourish Fund Baby Registry where expecting parents can register for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support in addition to essential products for mom and baby. Learn more at www.theflourishfund.com.

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