The 8 Benefits of SaaS

What is saas?

SAAS, or Software As A Service, is a new conception of software. There is no longer any need to install software at the office, since it can be accessed directly online in the form of a subscription . But is this development really an improvement? Should we definitely abandon client software (installed directly on company servers) in favor of saas mode? To help you see more clearly, we have compiled a comparative list of the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of solutions (saas and client software).

Consider the main advantages of using SaaS products:

1.    Cost reduction

The SaaS model involves a subscription fee for using the product. This means that there are no initial license fees for both the solution itself and the DBMS used – and this is a significant part of the budget. Your initial investment is close to zero – no investment in new servers, additional hardware or workstations. The SaaS model makes good use of what you already have.

2.    Time saving

The introduction of a multicomponent complex of information systems takes at least several months. Unlike with classic software, saas development company does not require server preparation or workstation setup. The required solution is already installed, configured in the minimum required configuration, and ready to go. A computer with internet access is all you need to get started right away.

3.    Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows, you do not need to purchase additional licenses for the subscriber base or the number of users. Connecting additional jobs to the system, opening new offices or moving – no longer constitutes any problem. If desired, over time, you can also include additional modules in the overall solution that solve specific problems.

4.    Accessibility from anywhere

All your employees need to work is a browser and Internet access. It doesn’t matter what they use – a powerful workstation, laptop or tablet. View analytical reports from a cafe or from home – no problem. It is possible to organize an office move to another place in one day – it is enough to transport furniture and computers, you will no longer need your own server room.

5.    Automatic update

You no longer need to pay extra for new versions of products. All updates are implemented into the system in a safe mode, and you immediately get access to new features. You do not need to install updates yourself or pay third-party companies for updates. There is no risk of losing your data if the update fails. Everything happens unnoticed, without your participation and financial investments. You are always using the latest version of the product.

6.    Resistance to external influences

Your data is stored in encrypted form in secure data centers protected from harmful influences. A fire, a flood, a suddenly burned out air conditioner in a server room, a vindictive former employee – these threats are no longer scary for you. You can fully focus on business tasks, leaving professionals to take care of the technical side of the issue.

7.    Reduced requirements for infrastructure and personnel

Infrastructure requirements are reduced – you do not need your own servers and backup storage, specially equipped server rooms. Workstations and Internet access are a sufficient set for operational activities. It takes care of many functions – technical and service support, maintenance, compatibility control, security, updates, attack protection and more – you do not need additional staff to do this. And you can find it on

8.    Automatic data backup

You don’t have to worry about backing up large amounts of data. All your information is securely protected – we automatically make regular data backups to a secure storage. In the event of a system failure, operator error, or intentional interference with data integrity, we are guaranteed to restore data from a backup.


The SaaS model has undeniable advantages and allows small and medium businesses to use industrial-grade products, licenses for which are beyond their budget. Management in SaaS mode allows a company to no longer install applications on its own servers but to subscribe to online software and pay a price that will vary according to their actual use.

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