Bradley Charlton’s debut film ‘Fading Petals’ to premiere on March 9th 2022 in Oxford.

Crazy Goose Productions announced today that Bradley Charlton’s debut feature film FADING PETALS is set to premiere at the Ultimate Picture Palace in Oxford, England on Wednesday 9th March at 18:15pm. 

Fading Petals was shot during the Covid-19 pandemic in October 2020. Principal photography was completed in just eleven days and the crew was made up of just five people. The film was completed for less than £10,000. 

“We’re delighted that a truly independent film like Fading Petals is having its premiere at the only independent cinema in Oxford and one of the few left in the country” says director Bradley Charlton. “The team worked so hard on the film. It really was a labour of love and it’ll be fantastic to finally see it on the big screen.”

Melanie Revill in Fading Petals

Fading Petals sees a young woman (Charlotte Reidie) appear at a sickly older woman’s home (Melanie Revill) in order to assist her. After a hostile first encounter and despite misgivings from both, the two slowly open up to one another and form an unexpected bond. However, their affinity is short lived when harsh words are spoken and buried memories resurface. Matters then spiral out of control as the the older woman struggles to accept the absence of the young woman.

Melanie Revill and Charlotte Reidie in Fading Petals

After much success at film festivals across the globe, Fading Petals will be available to rent and buy on Apple TV and Vimeo-on-Demand from March 11th 2022 and will be screening in select cinemas from April 18th 2022. 

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