How to use a tarpaulin to protect your contents

A tarpaulin is a very versatile item to own, especially if you are frequently packing up your belongings to move home. Once folded away into the small amount of space it takes up in storage, you can quickly and easily set up a new home for yourself with just a few pieces of equipment to attach it to, and a bit of rope.

Here we will show you exactly how to waterproof your belongings using a tarpaulin:

(1) Get the items you want to pack away ready to go and place them in one corner of your home. You will need to find a space where you can lay out your tarpaulin, so make sure this is clear

(2) Place the tarpaulin onto the ground and unroll it so that it covers the floor

(3) Place one of the corners on top of the items

(4) Use a bit of rope to tie the tarpaulin securely to a wall or a post, or anything that is stable and can be tied to. Make sure you wrap the rope around several times so that it keeps hold of its tension

(5) Repeat steps 3

(6) Once you have your tarpaulin securely fastened, use stones, if necessary to hold it down. This will stop it flying away in the wind

(7) Repeat for each corner of the tarpaulin until it is fully stretched out and tight

(8) Use something heavy, such as a rock or brick, to hold down the tarpaulin at ground level, especially if you are in an area where it may be windy

(9) You can now load up your belongings into the tarpaulin. Make sure that you pack the heaviest items on the bottom and that they are evenly spaced

(10) You can then use a couple of pieces of rope to tightly secure your tarpaulin down at ground level so it is fully protected. This will also stop any dirt or insects getting inside.

(11) Now you can transport your tarpaulin to the next location. If it is heavy, then make sure that no one loads anything on top of the tarpaulin. Instead, wrap a couple of pieces of rope around it and tie each end onto an object that is sturdy

(12) Repeat steps 1 to 10 until you are fully unpacked at your new home.

If you follow these steps, you should have a tarpaulin that is ready for anything!


Q. Are tarpaulins sold in stores?

A. No, they can only be bought online or from DIY stores that carry stock of large objects like this.

Q. When I unpack my belongings under the tarpaulin, what happens to the items inside?

A. The objects are very well protected by your tarpaulin and will stay dry even when you leave them there for several days until you get around to unpacking everything. You should make sure you pack them tightly together so that nothing gets damaged while it is being transported over bumps and things like that!

Q. How do know which size of tarpaulin I need?

A. Many companies sell tarpaulins of various sizes, so always check the measurements you will need before you buy one. If there is anything else not covered here that you would like to know about using a tarpaulin, please leave your question in the comment box below and we’ll answer as soon as possible!


By following these easy steps, you should be able to protect your belongings using a tarpaulin in no time. Don’t forget that if you are moving home or just need a temporary measure for a few days, then a DIY store is the best place to find one at a good rate. Make sure you buy the right size for all of your requirements and have fun!