This “Damaging Ingredient” Is Seeping Through Your Home — Try True & Bare Instead!

True & Bare is a brand on a powerful mission when it comes to their products. They set out to provide the healthiest and most sustainable cleaning products for both home and body. From the product itself and even down to the packaging of the product, True & Bare only wants the best in sustainability. Though there are numerous products that claim to be good for the environment and the consumer, True & Bare believes in avoiding not only damaging chemicals,  but also by avoiding the usage of palm oil. The effects of palm oil production is something that is increasing in awareness but is still used in a significant number of consumer products including cleaning products and soaps because it is a cheap option. However, palm oil in products is a damaging ingredient that contributes to deforestation and puts the lives of numerous animals in harm’s way, in addition to encouraging exploitation of workers and child labor.


What’s so bad about palm oil anyway?

Palm oil is a cheap vegetable oil that can be mass produced for pretty much everything. Shampoo, soap, confectionery, bread, peanut butter and the list can continue with almost 50% of packaged products using this ingredient. Even when the palm oil is labeled as organic, it is still used to contribute to devastating harm to our environment and the natural habitat for many animals. The destruction of palm plantations for the production of palm oil is one of the leading causes of deforestation of the tropical rainforest. Though production is cheap, it is detrimental to our environment and the livelihood of wildlife because of the method in which it is harvested. Production of palm oil revolves around deforestation which is destroying the homes of orangutans and even contributing to decreasing their population. With the loss of forest, tonnes and tonnes of greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere contributing majorly to climate change. All in all, palm oil is an ingredient that is avoided when necessary with True & Bare products. There are times in which a surfactant used may be produced with a small amount of palm oil, however, it is always Mass Balance grade which is the highest of industry standard, to further ensure the sustainable nature of the products.  


For a better future for the forests and the orangutans, True & Bare sets itself apart by swearing against using palm oil in their products and avoiding using factories to produce their product. True & Bare earned its certification from Ethical Consumer and takes great pride as it contributes to a more ethical future for the cleaning product industry. The company works hard to maintain the healthiest choices for both the consumer and the environment. The lack of palm oil usage is just the first step that True & Bare hits to ensure that their product is one of the healthiest options on the market.


How do the ingredients in True & Bare contribute to a healthier lifestyle?

True & Bare prides itself on nothing but the healthiest ingredients within their products by avoiding the usage of harsh chemicals that can have an impact on health if breathed in too frequently. True & Bare have the highest of standards when it comes to what is put into their product; all of the ingredients are organic and certified by Ethical Consumer and deemed ‘allergy friendly’ by Allergy UK. True & Bare contains organic ingredients which are both non toxic and low allergen, suitable for even the most sensitive skins – from babies to animals. 


When creating the products of this brand, the one thing that founder Gemma Dorsett wanted was a way to provide consumers with peace of mind by providing synthetic free, sulphate free and worry free cleaning products. For a cleaner lifestyle, one should have comfort in knowing that the products they are using are helping rather than contributing to a bigger problem. Unknown chemicals in generic cleaning products and soap can be damaging to the health of consumers and the environment. True & Bare is aware of how dangerous it is to breathe in the toxic chemicals found in everyday cleaning products which is why the main focus of these products was to create a clean environment both inside your home and out.   With a strong focus on the safety of animals, children, seniors, and people of all ages, True & Bare is suitable all-around, and aims to avoid the detrimental effects of certain chemicals in standard cleaning products.


How else does True & Bare contribute to a more sustainable future? 

True & Bare prides itself on being entirely produced on UK soil, meaning the company refuses to use factories or any other production to avoid any contribution to climate change. True & Bare earned the “I’m Green” trademark seal on their labels and strives to make an organic product even down to the packaging. Sustainability was first in mind when packaging this product, going as far as helping the planet by capturing CO2 during the production of the bottles. Using biopolymers from sugar cane waste, a renewable resource, the packaging is sustainable and 100% recyclable.


Living a sustainable and mindful life is something that can cause a positive impact for any consumer. Especially when it comes to knowing what you’re putting on your body and around your house. At the end of the day, ingredients matter especially for a better future. True & Bare delivers on multiple fronts when it comes to the ingredients in their products and the ingredients used while producing the products. When it comes to sustainability, True & Bare sets out for nothing but the best for both the consumer and the environment. 


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