Innovative collection, ANONcouncil, is just what the NFT community has been waiting for

The new ANONcouncil is a collection of 10,000 provably unique, fairly distributed and simple pixel art NFTs with a mission to form a community. Its goal is to discover and incubate the most promising NFT and Web3 projects they can find. Each ANONcouncil NFT represents a seat on the council, a member of the community, that will find and vote on projects to invest it in.

Inspiration Behind ANONcouncil

ANONcouncil was created with the NFT community in mind. The name and branding are a perfect representation of their mission statement: create an elite community to steer the course of the NFT space in a positive direction and help make dreams come true.

ANONcouncil’s Team and Artist

The brain behind this unique NFT project is the talented Matthew White, who is also known as Orchaotic. They are a 27-year-old proud non-binary creator, artist, and part-time gamer, and is both the team and the artist for ANONcouncil. Matthew had a less-than-enjoyable childhood and early teen-hood. All this caused them to turn to art as an escape and they have been creating their own work since they were about thirteen years of age.

After Matthew learned all that they could about NFTs and familiarised themself with the community over the last year or so, they have finally been able to enter the NFT world and create their first collection. The first thing they noticed about the NFT community was that this community is tight-knit and supportive. They said for the first time in their life, they felt like “my art had somewhere it belonged” – which is what led them to create ANONcouncil. 

The artist is proud to announce their new unique collection and has shared that this project is the first of many to come. They hope it can foster others like them to create their own collections as well.

When Will ANONcouncil be Released?

The collection will mint publicly on Saturday, February 19, and is quite affordable as it will cost just 13 MATIC (about .0076 ETH) each.

What does the Roadmap Look Like?

The Roadmap is currently quite simple, much like every other part of ANONcouncil. Its major goal is to get 50% sold. At this point, 50% of all sales – both previous and future – will be deposited into a community account and used to fund projects as voted on by the community.

Being an owner of ANONcouncil acts as a membership to the community and gives governance over the project roadmap. They have a few ideas of where to take ANONcouncil, but since this is a project about the community, they want the community to decide the future of the project. Therefore, they will be “taking suggestions and hosting several community meetings throughout the roadmap” to vote on possible utility.

Where can you find ANONcouncil?

ANONcouncil can be found on different platforms and social media:

Twitter at

Discord at

Opensea at

Skurpy at 

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