Top Skills That Are Necessary For A Career In Screen-based Media

Those wanting a career in screen and media need to gain a number of important skills. Some of these skills are very specific to the role/s and include skills that can be gained through a film making course or a Degree in Screen Production for example. But others are more general or generic skills, which can apply to the arts, entertainment and design sectors. Here we will outline some of the skills that employees in the sector will be looking for.

Communication skills

This includes being good at working with people at all levels, in a range of roles and being clear and confident. It also includes the ability to work collaboratively, which working in screen and media often requires. Demonstrating or having examples of where you have worked collaboratively is going to give you a real advantage. Having social intelligence is part of having good communication skills and learning to read situations, people and knowing how to respond is very important.

Critical thinking

This skill is important in solving problems, which are inevitably faced when working with others or working to deadlines. COVID, social isolation and travel bans, have had a profound effect on the production industry and finding new and safe ways of doing things has been vital to the sector. This skill was needed more than ever these last few years!


This relates to being able to work independently as required. Having the ability to be agile and pick things up quickly and being able to self manage. These have all been highlighted as key to those working in the screen and media sector.


Most people drawn to the screen and media sector are creative by nature. Creativity can be shown through new ideas, new ways of doing things, by great design or being able to tell stories and bring them to life through media. Often key roles cross the technical and creative divide, so having both skills is a huge advantage, arguably a must.

Technical skills

These will be role dependent, but technology use and application is highly sought after in many screen-based media roles. There are roles requiring digital design, animation, working with editing software and other technical applications. It’s necessary that workers have the skills needed to adapt and pick up new technology.

Project management

 Frequently managing projects is part of screen and media and you must be organised, be able to lead people and manage them to deadlines. Working collaboratively is an enjoyable part of the job for many.

This is not an exhaustive list, but being able to gain these skills and demonstrate them will give you a great foundation for your career in screen-based media.

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