How to celebrate a long-distance birthday

Many of us have loved ones dotted about the country and overseas, so spending a birthday together in person isn’t always possible. Naturally, this isn’t the ideal situation for many people, and can lead to frustration and feeling disconnected from the other person. However, celebrating a birthday from different locations isn’t all that bad. Here’s what you can do to help your person celebrate their birthday and make them feel like you’re there with them.


 Gift-giving is a guaranteed way to let your special person know that you’re thinking about them when you can’t be with them. What better way to surprise your person than by sending them a bouquet of flowers or a wrapped chocolate gift by post? If they live in a different country, you can have your gift of choice shipped to yourself and then couriered to your friend or partner – give them a taste of home! There’s a reason why “receiving gifts” is one of the five main love languages.

Another thoughtful gift idea is to compile a ‘birthday in a box’ consisting of cake, a party hat, balloons, poppers and other party essentials. This gift doubles as a celebration and will really make your person feel as if you’re right by their side.

It’s the thought that counts

A lot of people aren’t so hung up on expensive gifts, and are in fact pleased by thoughtful gestures instead. A compilation video of all your loved one’s family and friends wishing them a happy birthday is an excellent way to show that person they are surrounded by people who love and care for them.  Additionally, why not print off your favourite pictures of the two of you together and make a collage or simply slot them inside a card alongside a sentimental written message.

You may choose to organise a birthday facetime or remote party, where everyone on the call gets involved in some fun activities such as a quiz or singalong. This is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face without breaking the bank!

Just because you and your loved one are far apart, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fulfilling birthday celebration. In fact, gestures such as the ones mentioned above are vital to maintaining a long-distance relationship, and you don’t have to wait for their birthday to show your friend or partner how much you care about them. Taking the time to talk to one another regularly will actually enhance communication and make for a healthier bond in the long run!