A complete guide to Calpeda Pumps

A complete guide to Calpeda Pumps

What are Calpeda pumps?

Calpeda pumps originate from Italy and are now sold across the world. Providing use in both household and industrial applications, such as swimming pools, sewage and groundwater. Following in the footsteps of pioneer and founder, Vinicio Mettifogo, Calpeda are committed to developing and manufacturing industry leading systems.

With a mission of constantly improving and evolving, the business always has their customers at the forefront. This ensures that no matter what use a customer requires a pump for, their needs will be met. From flood water to heating pumps, these systems are distributed through a capillary network and B2B platforms.

Types of Calpeda pumps

Calpeda water pumps come in all shapes and sizes, for a wide variety of uses. Depending on the need for your water system, this will influence your buying decision. Calpeda make pumps for a range of applications including:

  • Civil
  • Swimming pools
  • Irrigation and agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Residential and domestic
  • Sewage and wastewater

One thing all water pumps have in common is that their main purpose is to move water from one place to another, what differs is where it is used. Water pumps provide a solution, with each system offering different features, in order to manage a situation. With a huge range of pumps on offer it can be difficult to know when to start when researching, below is an insight into three of the most popular types of pumps.

Centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pumps use a rotor, moving fluid through the impeller, which is then moved out using centrifugal force. This process increases the pressure and speed of fluid, this then moves it towards the pump’s outlet. Calpeda pumps manufacture a range of these and they are highly effective in the agriculture and sewage industries.

Submersible pump

Submersible pumps operate by reducing the flow of pressure, they can even function in extremely high pressure and high temperature environments. Due to this, they are effective in dealing with rainfall and groundwater flooding, allowing water to be drained efficiently.

Self priming pump

These systems are able to utilise liquid stored within the pump to create a vacuum. Self priming is a necessity when the appliance should be located above liquid level, pumps of this sort are beneficial in industrial, civil and irrigation applications.

The benefits of Calpeda pump systems

There are so many benefits of Calpeda pump systems, which positively affect both the consumer and environment. Calpeda pride themselves on being a family corporation, this is a very important value to them. Simultaneously, this value brings a sense of community with the backbone of the company being people.


These appliances are highly effective and durable, providing a reliable water solution. Calpeda pumps are made to last, the company is dedicated in studying to develop and manufacture industry leading systems. However, if a problem arises, which we all know can cause issues within a business, then their friendly customer service will be on hand to provide a solution.


Each pump is tailor made to suit the needs of each customer ensuring a high level of satisfaction. In addition, it increases trust between the customer and business, which is also a large value to them. Being in such an ever changing world, it is important to be flexible and adaptable, Calpeda are just that. By constantly developing their technology whilst applying all regulations, the company can offer extreme customisation to products and services.


A great part of Calpeda’s vision and a huge benefit is their focus on sustainability. They aim to move water in an effective and sustainable way, even studying birds whilst they migrate, watching the water’s flowing path and learning more about saving energy through nature.