How to see posts you liked on Instagram

How to see posts you liked on Instagram

While most social media platforms make it pretty easy for users to see the posts they like, Instagram doesn’t. Unless you copy and send the post URL to yourself, it may not be easy to track the posts you may have liked on Instagram.

Typically, the posts you may have previously liked do not disappear. In this case, there’s a hidden feature on the Instagram app that you can use to find the posts.

If you are struggling to see the posts you recently liked, then there are many steps you can follow to see them. In this article, we highlight how you can leverage   Instagram features to check out Instagram posts you may have liked.

Where to find liked posts on Instagram

  • Log in to your Instagram account and tap the profile icon from the menu.
  • Utilize the hamburger menu to select settings
  • From the list, choose the account
  • Finally, tap posts you liked

Being able to view previous posts you may have liked comes with numerous benefits. Review the posts you may have liked so that you can do the following.

Use the explore tab to find new Instagram accounts you may want to follow.

  • Read long posts that you may not have had adequate time to read
  • Follow the discussion on the posts that you may not have time to read through
  • Read the post and leave comments on posts that you may not have had time to comment about.
  • Review important information that you may not have captured previously i.e. a recipe, service, product, contest, tutorial, workout routine, or other valuable information that you may have left out.

However, liking an Instagram post is not only important to let the owner know you approve the post but an incredible way of marking valuable content that you may need to revisit.

Limitations on the number of Instagram posts you can review

The number of posts you can review on Instagram is restricted to 300 most recent videos and photos you may have liked. If you are a heavy Instagram user liking hundreds of Instagram posts every day, then this may be unfortunate for you.

Additionally, if you commented on a video or photo but don’t like it, you may no longer be able to access it. In this case, you will only be able to see the posts you liked by tapping the heart button on the posts you’ve liked in the section of your profile account settings. This may not apply to the posts you’ve commented on only.

In that regard, if you want to revisit a post later, hit the heart button even if your key intention is to leave a comment.

Another limitation is that Instagram users cannot see the posts they may have liked via desktop. To bypass this, you can choose to either run Android apps on pc and mac or use an emulator like Bluestacks.

While there are many Android emulators that you can use to install the Instagram mobile app on your computer, the Nox player is somehow faster and lighter.

To avoid struggles in installing the Instagram mobile app on your desktop, you can simply use your smartphone device. This is because your phone app comes with preinstalled windows 10.

If you are using the previous version of smartphones, you can simply download and install an app from the Microsoft store. You can then use the app to view liked posts on your Instagram profile.

Here is how to easily access your previous Instagram posts

To avoid spending time navigating your Instagram profile in a bid to access previous posts, you can choose to save the posts you find interesting. This will make it easy to revisit later and finish reading or leaving your comment. In addition to helping you access previous posts, the save button is useful in keeping the posts organized.

The bookmark-shaped icon can easily be accessed via the right-hand side of the engagement bar under a photo. Unlike likes, saving a photo is private hence doesn’t send a notification to the poster.

If you are a social wizard interested in accessing valuable social media content, then you can choose to organize posts into various categories among them ‘’ recipes”, recipes among others. That way, you can easily find posts through your profile by tapping the menu bar on the upper right corner then tap save. In that case, you can review all the posts you may have saved and utilize the information the way you want.

Whether you save or use likes to save content, revising the content can take you back to an interesting memory down the lane.

Chromebook users have an advantage since they can easily review liked photos and Instagram posts. All they have to do is download the Instagram app from the play store and install it on their device just the way one can do it through a smartphone.

In case you haven’t enabled play store on your chrome book, simply click on the clock to open the quick settings panel and choose the settings icon.

You can then scroll down to the Apps section and click on the turn on the button beside the Google play store option. In the pop-up that follows, click on allow and it will take a few minutes before automatically opening the play store. Thereafter, open the play store, search, download, and install the Instagram app.

As you may have noticed, you can easily access the previous posts you may have liked through a smartphone. Such makes it complex for desktop users who may want to review posts they may have liked. Whichever method you choose to use, you can always review and comment on the previous Instagram posts.


There are many ways you can check Instagram posts you may have liked. While using the Instagram app is the most popular way, saving the posts on your profile as per your preferences makes it easy for you to access them whenever you want. The bottom line is that reviewing previous Instagram posts is crucial to enable you to take actions that you may not have taken earlier.

Whether you want to make a purchase decision on a certain product, you want to comment or share the content, saving the post makes it easy for you.