5 ways to showcase your business on social media

Social media: love it or loathe it, it can’t be denied that it is a fantastic way to bring in new leads and win clients.

Most businesses now have some sort of online presence, and regularly posting your work, new client wins and news online can put you in front of new audiences.

In this blog, we’re going to break down 5 ways to use social media to your advantage that can result in new client wins!

  • Plan effectively

Whether you’re a new business wanting to make an entrance on social media or are simply looking at how you can improve your current social media activity, having a plan in place is essential.

Think about where your audience is. Are you quite a corporate business who would do well on LinkedIn, or is your target market Gen Z, who are mostly prolific on Tik Tok and Snapchat? Tools such as Google Analytics will help to tell you where your target market lies!

Competitor research works wonders here. Have a look at which platforms they are active on, the sort of posts they send out and how much engagement they get. This can help you take inspiration for your own content as well as finding a couple of weak spots – e.g. not being active on Twitter – that you can use to your advantage!

Plan how you will use (or improve) your social media accounts. If you’re currently not posting anything, or don’t think you are posting enough, come up with a content plan of how often you want to post, what you will be posting and when.

Having a look at holidays/fun celebrations throughout the year can help you plan ahead. World Coffee Day may not be relevant for every business, but if you’re a coffee shop or cafe this is the perfect time to get a post scheduled in and use a relevant hashtag to push your business in front of new audiences!

Planning for quieter times of the year will also help. Could you reshare some old blogs or throwback photos to keep your posts consistent?

  • Get your team involved

At the end of the day, people sell to people. If your team can share your posts with additional insights, this will help to push your business to their existing connections as well as helping to show the human side of your business. In our experience, these posts always get much more engagement than posts directly from business profiles.

Encourage your team to share your posts. These don’t have to be on their personal Facebook profiles – professional profiles such as the ones they may have on LinkedIn will do just fine. 

  • Remember to interact with others

One huge and surprisingly common mistake that we see businesses making is not being social on social media. Simply posting your content and not interacting with others is shouting out into the void without forming meaningful relationships. 

Not only are you helping others’ visibility by engaging with their posts, they can help you back by increasing engagement on yours too, which will push your content in front of new audiences.

Interacting with those you follow and particularly your clients can make you seem approachable, friendly and trustworthy. A great way to make sure you don’t miss your client’s Twitter posts is to add them all to a Twitter list and make a daily habit of scrolling through, liking and interacting.

Another feature to check daily on Twitter is the ‘trending’ section. If anything relevant to your industry is trending, you can quickly join the conversation by replying to those discussing the topic and using relevant hashtags.

  • Showcase the best of your business

Social media gives you a great opportunity to show the best of your business. Here are a few ideas of how to showcase the work you do:

  • Sharing news of new team members, asking others to welcome them to the team
  • New client wins
  • Recent work that you are proud of
  • Awards nominations
  • Industry news
  • Relevant trending news stories covered by national news outlets
  • Fun, behind-the-scenes photos of the team and/or office

Social media can actually be a great marketing tool to attract funding, new investors or even potential buyers if you’re looking to expand or sell your business, so make sure you are really highlighting the best of your business in your posts.

Don’t hard sell

There are plenty of content ideas above, so you have no excuse to be constantly posting about your services!

There is a golden 80/20 rule in the social media world – 80% of your posts should be informative, insightful or fun, and the other 20% should be sales related. Some would argue that 1 in 5 posts being related to your services is actually too much. We know of businesses that don’t post about their services at all and let their page bios and press releases speak for themselves.

Posting content that is full of jargon will put off new followers. People love to see interesting, insightful content, or else why would they follow you?

In conclusion…

Having a strong plan in place can help you define your strategy and content. Consistently posting engaging content will help you to build up a following and hopefully, new clients. Start planning today and your hard work will pay off!

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