The acclaimed DIY investment platform empowering individual investors to make smarter decisions

The acclaimed DIY investment platform empowering individual investors to make smarter decisions

Aurora is bringing globally-trusted finance tech to individuals for the first time – guaranteeing fast access to invaluable, transparent investment research at low cost

Individuals can now make the kind of savvy, informed investments ordinarily associated with global institutions thanks to the rollout of a brand new platform called Aurora. 

Standalone investors deserve affordable access to the same high-quality analysis and ratings as professionals and institutions – and Aurora makes investment decision-making more intelligent, intuitive and consistent.  

Powered by TheScreener – Swiss finance tech which world-leading investors have utilised for two decades – Aurora opens up a whole new world of analytics, tools and data for users so they can make effective choices in stocks and funds. 
Designed specifically for “DIY investors”, Aurora covers 100 sectors, 40 stock markets, 6,000 stocks,15,000 funds and 1,200 exchange-traded funds – with the platform already turning heads among finance experts (explored further in an editorial for CityWire by David Stevenson).  

Uniqueness is at the core of Aurora’s value proposition – with the platform’s technology-enabled research radically different from anything else on the market. 

Aurora’s unparalleled solution translates complex financial analysis into intuitive and easy-to-understand metrics and language. A scorecard is available for every potential stock investment, with star ratings assigned to factors such as earning per share revision trend; valuation ratings; momentum (medium term technical trends); and four-week relative performance vs benchmark, presenting investors with a vivid picture of potential opportunities. 

There’s even risk analysis for each investment opportunity – with all info updated twice a week. 

Incorporated into the funds analysis are the Sharpe Ratio – developed by Nobel laureate William F. Sharpe to help investors compare return to risk – and the Information Ratio which measures the ability to generate excess returns relative to a benchmark. 

Aurora also provides online reporting for portfolio quality and risk – providing a detailed analysis of your fund and equity positions whilst identifying weaknesses with respect to valuations and alternatives that might be of interest.

Aurora is not only insightful and easy to use but also extremely low cost – with prices starting from just £15 per month. 

Eyal Perry, founder of SDIS Global – the parent company behind Aurora – stated: “Aurora DIY Investing makes the process of informed investment simple, easy, transparent and low cost.

“Our platform is a democratisation of investment – giving you the tools, data and guidance to do it yourself, picking what is right for you.  

“All the analysis is done for you and made easy to understand, enabling you to pick stocks and learn step by step before you even invest a penny. 

“The technology we use in TheScreener has been trusted globally for 20 years – and now we’re making it accessible to individuals as well as big organisations. 

“We’re one of the few companies that analyse risk effectively – and with Aurora you have the best chance of making a quality investment.” 

Aurora is being rolled out to the UK, USA, Canada and Australia with plans for expansion into portfolio management before becoming an end-to-end solution. 

For more information about how Aurora operates and helps investors make better decisions, visit the official website.


Aurora is a powerful DIY investment tool for the research and analysis of stocks, funds and portfolios. 

Created by SDIS Global AG in Switzerland, Auroria covers 100 industries, 6,000 stocks, 15,000 funds and 1,200 ETFs in 40 markets – offering ordinary individuals access to the same insightful tools and data as global institutions. 

Powered by TheScreener – trusted tech used by the world’s leading investment managers/banks with 10 million end-users each month – Aurora provides evaluation, rating and ranking systems that let people find the right investments at a lower price in a quicker time frame. 

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