What should I avoid in my Tour in Egypt?

A trip to Egypt is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, in which you’ll get to surf every bit and piece of it all, now to make your trip burdensome, you’ll have to avoid a few things through your trip to get the best of your time in it, so, this article will keep you alarmed of several points that you shall dodge during your trip, including the following:

 Avoid breaking the set safety measures

The safety measurements Egypt has set after Covid-19 outbroke, have managed to keep the overall situation at bay, working in the tourism industry favor, so it would be such a petty if one had ever had the nerves to violate them, so to avoid the inevitable, and to not backing to square one, avoiding getting all efforts made all to no avail, everyone, especially if they’re the travelers, need to stick to the planned measures to make it all under utmost control, as they must not run out of their sanitizers, have a total check-up before the trip, get vaccinated and it’s a must to put their masks on permanently.

 Avoid having a lot to pack

One needs to be as light as feather as much as possible if they’re to plan out any upcoming trip, especially if it was a vacation trip to chill and have fun the best you can, which at this point, the idea that must have popped up in your mind, is the possibility between packing so many or little baggage, which the answer is set on stone to be packing as little baggage as you can to make sure you won’t run into any bothers, as all you need to grab, serving the purpose to a major extent, are only your backpack along with a rolling small suitcase, or a duffel bag.

 Avoid setting your mind into an untrustworthy agency

On getting to choose your travel agency you want to book your trip with, make sure it’s a legit agency by checking the license number and certificate, make sure the company is registered at the monastery of Egyptian tourism, also have a look at the reviews, so we highly recommend Egypt Tour as a highly appreciated source to take you to the seventh heaven!

 Avoid the very cheap accommodation

the majority of the travelers deal with the accommodation as the real essence of their stay during any trip, so they tend to plan out their trip based on the accommodation, and just for the travelers to know that the cheap accommodation is doubted to do little to nothing at getting the job done due to the possible bad services, so if you get to choose a hotel that insures you not facing any problems regarding the services, we recommend you the 5* hotels as being extremely equipped ones with fancy services.

 Avoid public transportation

Much to the travelers’ distaste, they can find themselves at a loss of what to do if it occurred to them to get stuck in public transportation, being jammed with loads and loads of locals, being the verge of an outburst, so, and to avoid such kind of problems, you need to make sure that the agency you had a booking deal with, is not less than perfect, to make it’s such an easy task to stroll the country in any way you want!

 Avoid being alone during your trip

There’s no need for freaking out on sensing anything up-normal during your trip because having a trip abroad, and out of your comfort zone, means you’ll be exposed to new places, and to have you surfing those places in one piece, you need some private guide of experience to guide you through your trip, and illuminate you bit by bit, following you around to avoid being alone under any measures, whom the agency you booked with shall provide you to save yourself the trouble of hiring a guide on himself.

 Avoid being non-aware of Egypt’s overall lifestyle

Being in a new country might mean for some a fully new experience filled with so many challenges they should take them all in one piece, and the personification of all these challenges combined can be experienced through getting exposed to the country’s, at this point, Egypt’s lifestyle from weird habits and unique traditions all the way to the Egyptians’ way of living, and getting to cope with all of them. Some travelers, on getting to co-exist with the Egyptians, are to admit they have the most prominent lifestyle they ever have the chance to be a part of, differing from how uniquely they wear, with their one-of-its-like costumes, especially the women’s, such as Abaya, that will be the gown, in addition to Hijab, which means head veil, along with Niqaab, which is an outfit that covers women from head to toes, let’s not forget their traditions and habit that are worthy of thinking through, as, for some of the foreigners, there’re gestures and expressions that might have multiple meanings based on where and when they use them, not forget to mention the meaning verify from culture to culture.

A great example of such gestures can be witnessed in the so odd tradition Egyptian tend to use more often than not while cooking a very famous Egyptian oriental dish, called “Molokhia” that means, Jewish Mallow, in which they apply a very celestial step to ace the dish, presented in gasping as soon as they mix the mallow with the other main ingredient of the dish, which is the garlic, such a gesture has turned heads to Egypt and the Egyptians no matter how many odd habits the traveler got to experience elsewhere.


We might have mentioned lots of precautions and things for the travelers to avoid through the course of their trip, nevertheless, they’re easy to get along with if you think through hard enough, and they’ll be put an end to with just planning your trip accurately, considering anything that could happen out of its place all of a sudden.

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