How Virtual Reality Maintenance Training is Transforming the Automotive World

The Automotive Industry is constantly evolving by introducing newer and more advanced technologies. With the latest advancements in-vehicle connectivity, integration of hybrid and electric drivetrains, and autonomous vehicles, there is a growing demand for cutting-edge technology that allows employees to conduct and train for vehicle maintenance remotely.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality-based training applications allow motor vehicle technicians to stay on top of these latest industry trends. Using these VR-and-AR-based technologies will enable organizations to design immersive training solutions that enhance their employee knowledge and expertise, making manufacturer-level knowledge and skills accessible.

Virtual Reality Maintenance Training delivers immersive, scenario-based, experiential training to employees and customers, enabling them to acquire critical skills, test and evaluate themselves, and handle high-risk equipment and tools without even stepping foot on the Shop Floor. VMT offers an immersive, safe, and zero-consequence virtual training experience.

The DiSTI Corporation is a leading provider of trusted and transformative training solutions and UI software development platforms. VE Studio® is a 3D virtual training solution designed to help train technicians allowing them to troubleshoot and repair vehicles faster than traditional training methods.

DiSTI has a far-reaching presence with its services and products designed to be adapted in virtually any industry ranging from aviation and automotive to medical and more. Augmented and Virtual reality maintenance training solutions have been adapted for various applications, from preparing pilots for unprecedented scenarios in aviation flight simulators to industrial applications allowing employees to learn how to operate complex machines remotely.

DiSTI’s Innovative Training Solutions For Automotive Maintenance Training

Prototype To Full-Scale Solution

DiSTI’s VE Studio®  is designed to facilitate rapid prototyping and iteration. It offers immersive virtual training enabling technicians to troubleshoot and repair, enhancing customer service and vehicle reliability. VE Studio® allows you to go from conceptualization to full-scale production by building a virtual training prototype in a couple of hours which can be scaled to a complete production system at a later stage.

Powerful Productivity Tools

VE Studio® is equipped with powerful productivity Virtual Training System Development Tools and procedures needed to deliver any virtual training project irrespective of its complexity, making it the ideal commercial off-the-shelf 3D training platform in the market.

Virtual Training on a Global Scale

DiSTI’s VE Studio® facilitates Virtual Reality Training and Development for Automotive. Our technology empowers businesses to train technicians remotely on a global scale. If you wonder what is VR training, it is the use of virtual reality technology to simulate real-world scenarios or environments for the purpose of training and skill development. It involves creating a computer-generated, three-dimensional virtual environment that users can interact with and explore.

Immersive Virtual Training

Adapted by leading global automobile manufacturers, VE Studio® offers holistic and immersive virtual training solutions to educate and assess technicians in the field.

With manufacturers facing the challenge of training technicians in the latest automotive technology and minimizing training costs, The DiSTI Corporation has emerged as the leading solutions provider in the automotive industry with its services and professional solutions designed to enhance productivity.

VE Studio® Deliverables

VE Studio® utilizes the best development workflow practices, combining them with innovative tools and components to create complex virtual training applications seamlessly while minimizing the production and training costs in the process. The DiSTI Corporation’s VE Studio® allows users to:

Design The Training

  • Analyze the project requirements and import written procedures directly into the Fidelity Matrix, saving months of manual recreation.
  • Users can build a database of known word object pairs on the go. Additionally, users can make modifications to the Source data easily.

Manage Content

  • Create a relational database that connects models to behaviors, procedures to lessons, and other data shared within the system.
  • Access the easy-to-use database editor that simplifies content management & editing with a complete API allowing third-party applications to write and read directly to the database.
  • Simplify project creation and content addition to the system during the early stages of development via wizards; users can get up and running with a working prototype within thirty minutes.

Build The Virtual Model

  • Use VE Studio®’s built-in model import wizards or import directly .FBX models into Unity.
  • Connect 3D models with their database-associated behavior automatically.

Author & Manage Lessons

  • Users can access the comprehensive IOS application allowing them to control the lesson creation and real-time assignment monitoring and student interaction, and after-action debriefing in the classroom.
  • Assign lessons, manage class data, monitor progress, mirror student screens, and take remote control to help students improve their skills and knowledge retention.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and instructors can use drag and drop editing to create lesson scenarios with the ability to develop autoplay, tutorial, practice, and assignment lessons by performing and recording actions directly in the virtual classroom.

Construct Simulations

  • Build custom-defined real-life-based simulations bringing virtual training models to life.
  • The Sim Engine drives object states, animations, and audio to create dynamic schematics that immerse the user in the virtual environment.

Reinforce Skills

  • Review a student’s assessment by accessing their statistics and performance every step of the way.
  • Use AI to observe and alter training branches based on the students’ performances.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based applications for maintenance training are becoming more and more popular. The DiSTI Corporation is the leading provider of turn-key and customized HMI design software and 3D virtual maintenance training solutions for embedded target systems, desktop or mobile devices, and VR and AR-based devices.

DiSTI’s line of automotive products and professional services has led to the advancement of UIs and virtual maintenance training for leading industry giants, military organizations, and commercial clients worldwide.

Our VR training solutions help developers and designers to enhance their workflow efficiency without hampering their quality, value, flexibility, and performance. Our intuitive professional solutions are curated to meet our client’s delivery deadlines, budget constraints, and stringent application requirements. Get in touch with our experienced team of experts today and leverage DiSTI’s expertise for your business.