How to help toddlers learn to sleep by themselves?

Parents usually need to get their toddlers to sleep when toddlers could not sleep or do not want to go to bed. As for parents, a sleeping child, or a toddler is always more lovely. When toddlers are asleep at night, their parents can be allowed to rest. If a toddler waking up too early, or the toddler waking up at night frequently, etc, All the abovementioned can affect parents’ sleep quality. This is what is the topic gonna talked about today. How to help toddlers learn to sleep by themselves, and have a restful sleep?

  • get into the habit of preparing for going to bed

If a toddler is still running around with excitement in the last few hours before going to bed. He/she does not want to sleep anymore. Because once push past a period of sleepiness, people likely won’t be able to fall asleep easily for a while. Parents need to help toddlers to get into the habit of doing preparation before going to bed. What kinds of preparations? Usually, toddlers need to be calm and quiet before sleeping. They can try to read some storybooks or listen to some soothing, gentle music to get relaxed.

  • form a biological clock

If the toddler has steady sleeping hours, he/she can easily form a regular life habit. At the same time, forming a regular self-biological clock is the key to helping toddlers to get better sleeping quality. Parents should insist that toddlers goes to bed at a certain time, and gets up at a certain time. The toddler will form this sleep habit gradually. It has a built-in alarm clock in a toddler’s body to tell him/her that it’s time to sleep. Once a toddler has formed his/her own body clock, parents can be less stressed.

  • create a cozy environment

It’s liable to catch a cold if the toddler doesn’t wear warm-keeping clothes during sleep. Firstly, every baby needs a suitable room temperature. Don’t set room temperature too high or too low. If it is too low, toddlers are easy to catch a cold. If it is too high, the little one may be overheated, and sweat. A comfortable, cozy sleep environment is good for toddlers to sleep by themselves easily. Besides, every toddler also needs an ideal sleep sack. Below are some recommendations:

The first one is the front opening long sleeve sleep sack. This is one of the most hot-selling sleep sacks in our store. This sleep sack was so popular that was sold out a while ago. Recently, it has been restocked. Why is this item so popular? The biggest selling point is that it is versatile. Because its two long sleeves are detachable. Parents can remove them easily at any time parents prefer. Then it will become a sleeveless sleep sack. Toddlers will feel cool on hot summer days. And they also can be more convenient to soothe themselves. If the baby feels cold, parents can help to reinstall the sleeves to give him/her warmth. Not just sleeves, its bottom also can be opened. Toddlers can hide their feet in, or peek their feet out.


It is an upgraded version of SLEEVELESS THICKEN HEATED SLEEPING BAG 2.5 TOG. It is more suitable for summer wear. And we also have upgraded the fabric. It is made of 100% organic cotton that is fully organic, super comfortable, super soft. Toddlers can get enough warmth and comfort by wearing it. People would like to sleep in a comfortable zone and can sleep tighter. The other consideration is that babies’ skins are more delicate and sensitive. Organic is a kind of ideal fabric for them. There is no risk of skin allergy.

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