My Child Is Under 6 Months Old : Should I Buy Sunscreen For Kids?

My Child Is Under 6 Months Old : Should I Buy Sunscreen For Kids?

Looking after little children is most certainly a full time job, with all parents knowing that sun protection is an integral part of that. So, one consideration that you need to make when you have toddlers or even babies, is what exact point you need to buy sunscreen for kids and use it. 

The last thing you want is for your little ones to be hurt by UV radiation, as not only is it painful for them, but it can also significantly increase the risk of skin cancer later in life too. However, before the 6 month point, it’s not something you should really be thinking about – as shade is much better. 

Babies Have Super Sensitive Skin 

The reason why you don’t need to buy sunscreen for kids before 6 months is not because their skin can handle it – quite the opposite. In those initial few months of a baby’s life, they are super sensitive to UV rays, so they shouldn’t be out in the sun at all – even if they’re protected with sunscreen. 

Instead, you should be keeping them in the shade completely wherever possible and when you’re not able to, they should be under a parasol and dressed in loose-fitting clothing. At this point, a caucasion baby’s skin in particular will be light and have very little melanin – meaning it’s super vulnerable to damage from the sun’s UV rays.  

While it might feel tempting to put sunscreen on their little arms and legs, you don’t need to, as all your efforts should be going into making sure they never get out into direct sunlight – until they get to 6 months and life for them starts getting a little more varied. 

Clothing Provides Some Protection

Up to and including the point when you ACTUALLY DO need to buy sunscreen for kids for your tot, clothing is one of your best defenses against UV rays. This clothing needs to be light both in weight and color and provide complete coverage of their skin.

This then needs to be backed up with a wide-brimmed sun that keeps their head face and neck nice and safe. The sooner you can introduce the hat, the better really, as it better prepares your baby for getting used to wearing one when outside. What should be forgotten is that this will make them look super-cute too!

Buy Sunscreen For Kids – But Wait Six Months!

In those first 6 months, you need to do everything you can to protect your baby’s skin, as sunburn can actually represent a medical emergency for someone so young. That’s because it can lead to dehydration and fever, which can put their little lives at risk. 

We’ll leave you by telling you to keep your trips outside to the cooler hours of the day (so not between 10am-4pm) and absolutely start using a mineral based sunscreen when the time’s right. 

The very fact that you’re considering your sunscreen options for your kids shows that you’re going to be a great Mum or Dad. Just don’t forget to read up on how to apply it properly, as mineral sunscreen (the best type in our humble opinion) goes on slightly differently to traditional sunscreen lotions. 

We hope you found our little blog helpful and that the methods shown make it that bit easier to get this important job done properly.