Refurbished Device Specialist Seller Wisetek Store Launches Across the UK

Wisetek Store are delighted to enter the UK market, offering consumers high quality, reliable and affordable refurbished products. Consumers will be able to browse a variety of expertly refurbished laptops and other devices including tablets, phones, keyboards and accessories.


The group, which offers a free 12-month warranty on all products, are leading the field when it comes to eco-friendly practices, implementing a 0% landfill policy –


“When you choose a refurbished product, you’re actively preventing e-waste from ending up in landfill whilst ensuring the Earths most precious resources are being reused. Climate change is the greatest issue facing us as a people today, so it’s imperative that we all do our part. We’re also planting one tree for every order made on Wisetek Store in order to significantly reduce C02 emissions” Paula Napolitano, UK & Ireland eCommerce Manager, Wisetek Store UK


Nearly all electronic devices contain finite, rare minerals like neodymium, terbium and cerium – You may not have heard of these minerals, but chances are you interact with them everyday whilst they power your smartphone or laptop. Unfortunately, they are in short supply so it is essential that they are re-used and recycled as much as possible, by choosing a refurbished unit, you’re doing just that. 


“We stand by the quality of our products, that’s why we offer a 12-month free warranty on every refurbished device, but there’s so much more to it than this – When you buy a brand new laptop, it’s almost guaranteed to lose half of its value after 1.5 years, within three years they’ll have lost all of their value. By selecting a refurbished product you’re putting extra money in your pocket, you’re walking away with a professionally tested device for almost half the cost, up to 60% on MacBook’s, 50% on laptops, 30% on tablets and 20% on smartphones. If you are looking for a business laptop you can make a saving of almost 80% on your purchase price. Business laptops suffer from a little more wear and tear, leading them to devaluate faster. However, once our team expertly tests and refurbish the device it is as good as new from a functional perspective.” Paula Napolitano, UK & Ireland eCommerce Manager, Wisetek Store UK


Operating out of Milton Keynes, Wisetek Store is happy to offer next day delivery across the mainland UK, offering a customs and hassle free service. 

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