Without gaming software companies, online gaming would be but a dream. But that’s not all. Even land-based casinos would not exist. After all, your favorite slot machines rely on software! All we would have in land-based casinos would be table games, a roulette game here and there, and that would be it. When you think about it in this way, you realize just how integral software is to gaming. So, which gaming companies provide the best software for bet at home casino sites? And what makes them so special? Let’s review our top 10 providers as we delve deeper into what encompasses casino software:

What is Casino Software?

Software falls into four major categories:

  • Download software: This is the kind you can download and install on your machine, enabling you to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Most PC gamers like such versions as they also allow them to track their progress and are much more stable than mobile gaming.
  • Mobile software: For mobile gaming lovers, you will be happy to know that there is a software dedicated to mobile gaming. You have likely used such software in the past. A good example is – using a gaming app to access your favorite games. Like with download software, you must install the app to enjoy undistracted gaming.
  • Live casino software: Have you played live table games? Or participated in live bingo games? That’s what this software allows you to do. You can connect to a live game from any part of the world, with or without other players. And all you need is a good internet connection to do so.
  • Instant play software: This last format enables you to load games fast and easily and start playing them as soon as you log onto a site.

There are sub-formats in the above categories. But you get the gist of what software providers do. Some of them work on all categories, while others choose to specialize. In most cases, you find that a company will focus on all categories to allow players to enjoy a game in different versions.

Which are The Best Software Gaming Companies?

With the hoards of options in the market, choosing a provider is not an easy task. But we have managed to come up with a list of companies we believe deserve the top spots. These are:

1.    Playson

While this company is relatively new in the scene, having just made it to a decade, it has made its mark in the market. Its presence is mainly felt in Europe, where the company has introduced a range of slot games with unique and attractive designs. Besides slots, the company also deals in table games.

2.    Yggdrasil

Innovation is the key to remaining afloat in the gaming industry, and this provider understands this all too well. With almost a decade in the industry, it stands out due to its progressive jackpots and array of online slots. It has amassed quite a following in this short time, enabling it to bite into a massive chunk of the global market share.

3.    Microgaming

As one of the first entrants into the online gaming scene, this company has held its own despite the emergence of stiff competition. Rather than sit back and bury its head in the sand in the wake of new trends, it has reinvented itself, growing its portfolio to hundreds of games. And it’s nowhere near quitting. We can expect more innovations geared towards betting user experiences in all its software.

4.    MOA Gaming

Simplicity is core in this gaming. Its services work for companies of all sizes, which has endeared it to countless businesses. The company also strives to ensure data security, making its software friendly for the consumer market in the wake of increased cyber-attacks.

5.    Evolution Gaming

When it comes to live casino software, this company takes the lead. Moreover, it focuses on the other formats, ensuring that people can enjoy its games across various devices. The company has grown fast owing to its dedication to providing software globally. Rather than focus on one region, it has expanded its reach, tapping into emerging markets by partnering with online gaming platforms.

6.    Novomatic

Casinos recognize this provider as it boasts hundreds of high-definition slot games that keep customers coming back for more. It has partnered with some of the biggest casinos in the online space, which continue to rely on it for its notable games.

7.    NetEnt

As its name suggests, this company does not play when it comes to entertaining its audience. it offers an array of games, including table games, slots, and video poker. All its games are highly identifiable owing to the investment in graphics and design elements that stand out from the fray.

8.    Booongo

What keeps a player hooked to a game? This company seems to have found the answer– a high RTP and exciting gameplay. By combining these factors, this Curacao-based company has won the hearts of gaming platforms and their players. It now partners with more than 50 online casinos and hopes to expand its reach soon.

9.    Pragmatic Play

While the name Pragmatic Play started appearing in 2015, this company has been around since 2007. Back then, it was known as TopGame. As it changed its name, it also boosted its presence by releasing hundreds of new titles and games to the market. And to remain ahead of the curve, it focuses on releasing engaging games that align with the vibrancy in the gaming market.

10. Realtime Gaming

What would a casino game be without high-quality sound and graphics? With Realtime gaming software in tow, you will never have to know what such an experience would feel like – after all, the provider does all it can to ensure that players have the most enthralling and mind-blowing experiences a game can give.

The list above is in no particular order. You might be wondering what makes these choices the best providers in the market. It comes down to five vital factors that players and gaming platforms look for:

  • They are safe as they have regulation and licensing from reputable gambling authorities. As such, their games abide by fair play rules,
  • They offer a wide variety of games, enabling players to try each option and see what works for them,
  • Their games are compatible with mobile gaming, allowing people to play on the go. They don’t need to miss out on playing because they cannot access a PC, and
  • They have relatively high payout rates, encouraging players to keep coming back for more.

When searching for a good casino, consider one that gets its games from any of the above providers. It will be a worthwhile investment. All the best!