Financial markets are marketplaces that provide an avenue for the purchase and sell of assets such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, and foreign exchanges. The financial or capital markets are essential for the smooth sailing of capitalist economies. The types of financial markets include the stock market, bond markets, derivatives markets, OTC markets, forex markets, commodity markets, currency markets, and money markets. A holistic understanding of the financial markets can be gained through a financial markets course.

Financial markets allow for the methodical allocation of assets and capital in a financial economy. It promotes global economic growth by allowing the free flow of money, capital, and financial obligations. They also allow investors to trade and earn capital gains over time.

Financial markets provide a wide platform for traders and organizations to gain money as well as the confidence to trade. It assures that traders gain maximum profit through their investments. A trader can ensure that by understanding the market in a top-notch way, he can ensure profit maximisation. For a comprehensive understanding of the financial markets, the team has researched and curated the best financial markets course for you.

“Financial Markets Made Easy”, an all-inclusive financial markets course by Elearnmarkets

“Financial Markets Made Easy” is a financial market combo course featuring over 15 courses for an integrated understanding of the financial markets. The course is available on Elearnmarkets, a financial e-learning platform that aims to spread financial literacy across the globe. Elearnmarkets houses thousands of courses relating to the financial markets starting from basic stock market courses, currency market course, mutual funds, technical and fundamental analysis courses, financial management courses, and many more.

For an in-depth understanding of the capital markets, this combo course is tailor-made for all the capital market enthusiasts as it features a pool of exhaustive courses that are sure to make complex capital markets jargons and concepts lucid for the course participants.

Let’s check out the courses included in this combo for a better and complete understanding of this perfect combo.

  1. Stock Markets Made Easy: The stock market is one of the most popular financial markets. There are billions of traders and investors trading in the stock market across the globe at various stock exchanges. This course provides a complete understanding of the stock market, its structure and function, macroeconomics, fundamental and technical analysis, and how to invest in IPOs.
  2. Technical Analysis Made Easy: This is a top-notch technical analysis course aiming to simplify the concept of technical analysis for traders. The technical analysis identifies trading opportunities by analysing price trends and charts. Through this course, you will understand the fundamentals, the tools employed, and the efficiency and profitability of the technical analysis.
  3. Stock Investing Made Easy: Investing in stocks is a lucrative option. With the right set of knowledge and applications, a trader can generate additional wealth. The objective of this course is analysing qualitative and quantitative aspects of an organization for determining the intrinsic value of a stock.
  4. Technical Trading Made Easy: This course teaches a robust trading methodology based on a well-textured trading course. This course exclusively focuses on trading techniques and strategies, trading tactics, and trading psychology with coherent money and risk management.
  5. Financial Modeling Made Easy: Financial modeling involves creating a spreadsheet that summarizes a company’s earnings and expenses and can be used as a tool for making decisions or calculating the impact of future events. This course help participants acquire knowledge on how to build a financial model, various methods of valuation, and detailed understanding and analysation of financial statements.
  6. Macroeconomics Made Easy: Understanding economics is essential when traders deal in financial markets. Economics can be further divided into microeconomics and macroeconomics. For financial markets, you need an understanding of macroeconomic aspects. Aspects such as inflation, deflation, GDP, national income, fiscal and monetary policy, and how these factors influence the financial market forces is crucial. This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of macroeconomics to the participants.
  7. Derivatives Made Easy: Derivatives is one of the most powerful financial instruments. When it comes to strategizing trades, derivatives are indispensable. This online derivatives course enables a better understanding of trading in derivatives, options and futures, hedging strategies, and risks and regulations associated with derivatives products.
  8. Option Trading Made Easy: Option is a popular derivatives contract. This course aims to understand the option trading strategies, kinds of options, options pricing, option greeks, bull and bear spread strategies, and margins and settlement. The participants are taught advanced and refined approaches to building and preserving capital.
  9. Candlesticks Made Easy: Japanese candlestick charts aim to establish a relationship between market prices and the supply and demand of diverse financial instruments. Traders can identify when to enter and exit the market, understand the market sentiment, identify whether the market is bullish and bearish, and market trends as well through candlestick charts. This course aims to understand the formation, interpretation, impact and importance of candlestick charts in technical analysis.
  10. Financial Planning Made Easy: Financial planning is crucial for a better future. Moreover, financial planner are one of the most sought-after and well-paid professionals in the industry. This course intends on helping the participants acquire skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes required to operate responsibly and ethically in the financial services industry.
  11. Mutual Fund Made Easy: Over recent years, mutual funds have gained high popularity. A small investor can easily invest in a pool of diverse securities when invested in mutual funds. In this course, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of mutual funds, portfolio management, and strategic and tactical asset allocation.
  12. RSI Made Easy: RSI or Relative Strength Index is a momentum oscillator measuring both the speed and the changes of recent price movements of a stock or security. Understanding of RSI is essential for effective stock market trading. In this course, participants will be taught the basics of RSI indicators, RSI trading strategies, and the development of new RSI strategies.
  13. ROC Made Easy: ROC or rate of change indicator is an oscillator that measures the percentage change in price from one time period to the next. Through real-life case studies, students will be exposed to ROC’s use in the context of different trading strategies.
  14. Ratio Analysis Made Easy: Ratio analysis is the quantifiable method of obtaining insight into an organization’s operational efficiency, liquidity, and profitability by studying its financial statements. Through this course, students will learn how to choose the appropriate organisation for making investments by conducting ratio analysis.
  15. Commodity Market Made Easy: This course covers the fundamental concepts of the commodity market. It provides a clear approach to how to trade in commodities, classification of commodities, introduce derivatives, types of charts and technical indicators, and trading strategies.
  16. Fundamental Analysis for Commodities Made Easy: Fundamental analysis seeks to measure a stock’s intrinsic value by examining financial and economic factors. This fundamental analysis course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental analysis framework, the basics of commodities, and the use of fundamental analysis in the commodity market.
  17. Agri Trading in Commodities Made Easy: This trading course will provide a real-life and practical oriented outlook to NCDEX agricultural commodities market. Students will learn how to use various technical tools to strategize their trades in an agri commodity market, giving them an advantage over other traders.

Hence, this combo financial markets course is a boon in disguise for every financial market beginner as well as experts. It is a jumbo pack of courses that aim to clear your concepts and provide you with successful trading strategies, ensuring profit maximisation to the best.

Bottom Line

When you enrol in this combo financial markets course, you gift yourself the bumper package of knowledge. At an affordable price, this course aims to spread knowledge on and simplify complex financial markets jargon.