What you should know about Vue.js Developers

Vue.js – is one of the most popular JavaScript (programming language) frameworks. To put it simply, it is the basis and a set of ready-made modules that are used for solving the most common tasks. Among such issues may be the development of the navigation menu, the order type, and the lines of immediate search. 

In other words, a Vue.js developer is a specialist who is engaged in frontend development. These specialists create the interface of the website, online store, web application or online services that the user interacts with.

 What does a Vue.js developer do?

The list of the Vue.js developer’s responsibilities will be useful for those who want to start a career in IT and those who plan to hire vue js developer. So, the representatives of this profession:

  • Work out the architecture of the project components and structure;
  • Create interactive and dynamic websites. It includes content, sliders, animations, pop-ups, etc;
  • Adapt web pages to different browsers, desktop and mobile devices;
  • Test the code, search for bugs and fix them;
  • Optimize the services that are running and maintain their functionality;
  • Cooperate with other specialists, for example, with a layout designer, backend developer and SEO specialist.

How to define a professional Vue.js developer 

Luckily, there are a lot of Vue.js specialists to choose from. However, to define a professional developer you should understand the basic skills this person must have. A professional Vue.js developer has to master HTML and CSS, make use of adaptive and cross-browser layout technologies. These specialists have to write codes in Javascript and optimize the development process with the help of the Vue.js framework. Among other beneficial skills is the ability to work with libraries for Vue. They include Axios, Vuex, Vue Router, etc.

 A Vue.js developer also integrates the project with an API to receive and send data to the server. Such specialists apply the principles of object-oriented programming, design patterns for building top-quality products. The knowledge of testing and debugging tools is also a must. 

The Vue.js qualifications 

You should understand that like in any other IT profession there are 3 types of qualifications a developer may have. The knowledge and skills of each person depend on his or her qualification. 

Junior Vue.js developer – is a programmer who has just started his or her career and has only basic knowledge in front-end development. Such specialists know HTML, CSS, Javascript. They are also familiar with 1-2 frameworks or JS libraries. Junior specialists cannot boast of a great working experience. Such specialists usually work under the guidance of a mentor and solve typical tasks according to instructions. 

Middle Vue.js developer a developer with about three years of experience, who must have an in-depth knowledge of Javascript and be able to program in Vue.js, use other frameworks and libraries, take part in team development, including in GitHub. Such specialists can work independently and create a multi-page website or online store from scratch. 

Senior Vue.js developer – a specialist who has been working in web development for at least 5 years. This person knows not only Javascript, but also other programming languages. Senior developers master the frontend development and have a general understanding of the backend one. They often combine the duties of a senior technical specialist and the head of a small development team.

In such a way, before hiring a developer think of the scope of responsibilities the chosen person should have. If you still hesitate, visit https://stfalcon.com/en/services/hire-android-developers and get answers to some of your questions.

The advantages of Vue

Among the greatest advantages of this framework is the fact that it is a perfect tool for the beginners. It can boast of excellent documentation, supportive community, and the fact that it is a progressive framework. The documentation is divided into separate blogs that are comfortable to work with. It includes the guidance, API, recommendations, examples, basic tools and libraries. 

 The members of the Vue community are friendly and always ready to help. You can subscribe to the Twitter-accounts of some leading Vue.js developers to get some valuable advice from them.

 Vue  allows developers to work by introducing the capabilities of this framework gradually. For example, if you already have a project, then you can add Vue support without any problems to it.