Garage Door Maintenance Tips That Can Keep It Functioning Well For Years

A garage door keeps your valuables, including your car and other belongings, safe. A garage door also improves the appearance of your home. It has the best ROI of all home improvement projects, according to Remodeling Magazine. However, a new garage door is expensive, making it necessary for you to maintain it to avoid costly repairs and a before-time replacement. Some of the most effective garage door maintenance tips for homeowners:

Lubricate Moving Parts of the Door

One of the biggest reasons for garage doors to fail is the mechanical wear and tear. Besides producing squeaks and rattles every time you operate the door, there is always the chance it will get stuck and prevent you from taking your car out. The best way of maintaining it is to lubricate the moving parts of the door like the chain of the door opener, drive screw, hinges, tracks, rollers, etc. A silicone spray lubricant is the best since you can reach hard-to-access areas, and it does not create an oily mess.

Tighten the Hardware

With the garage door moving up and down several times daily, it is not unusual for the parts to become loose over time. When any part becomes loose, it does not engage properly, and due to the play, the wear and tear become worse. You must inspect the door and the drive chain periodically and tighten them to prevent undue damage. It is one of the most important reasons why garage door maintenance is important.

Check the Balance of the Door

A new garage door operates with little effort due to its perfect balance. However, with regular use, the door’s balance can go out of kilt, which exerts more pressure on the door opener every time the door is opened or closed. If you leave the problem unattended, the moving parts are likely to fail faster. A regular checkup of the door’s balance can help extend its life. Pull the release handle to disconnect the opener and lower the door halfway to check the balance. If the door remains stationary, it means the door is balanced. If it moves up or down, you need to adjust the spring’s tension.

Test If the Auto-Reverse Function Is Working

All automatic garage door openers have an auto-reverse safety feature to prevent injury to any person getting in the way of a descending door shutter. You should check the auto-reverse feature periodically. You can easily do it by placing a brick or other large object under the door. If the feature is working well, the door should immediately stop and reverse its movement after it comes into contact with the obstruction. Many modern doors also have a photoelectric system designed to detect pets and people under them. You can test for proper functioning by placing your foot under the door for a fleeting moment. If the door stops and reverses its movement, all is well.


Garage doors are a convenience that you will not want to do without. However, since they are expensive, you need to conduct periodic checks and carry out preventive maintenance to keep them in good working order.

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