Lot of people have chosen Love coaching as their career path and Julien Momm happens to be one of them. He is also one of the few successful and famous love coaches in Germany. He tends to expand his business internationally after successfully building a coaching business in Germany and has helped lots of relationships in his home country which is highly commendable.


Julien Momm is a successful entrepreneur who is only 29 years old. He is well known in Germany as a dating/love coach and is best at what he does. He has participated in various TV shows and interviews. The next level of coaching. After many years of hard work in relationship coaching Julien Momm has reached a total revenue of more than 300.000€ per year with his classical one on one coaching but money is not  his main motivator. He wants to make his vision come true of helping as many people as possible to  experience more joy and happiness in their relationships.


Julien Momm Tv shows; Beauty and the nerd coach faced a series of issues throughout the previous years. It was very difficult to attend to all the people reaching out to him for advice. So he was unable to cover all the requests on his own and then the idea of building a franchise system came up to enable him to cover all requests and demand in the country .

The Julien Momm Franchise does not limit its services to the German market only but to reach out to as many individuals as possible worldwide. Julien’s vision is to help people world wide find partners of their dreams and lead them to a happy relationship. “We are looking for people who are willing to help others. People who help their coaches when they are facing hard times in their relationship, when they are dealing with conflicts or when they are unhappy with the current situation”, he says. 

This franchise was released just after the success of his coaching business. This is recorded as the first franchise system on the coaching market. Julien has opened opportunities for prospective and highly motivated individuals and business partners who wish to  participate and join in his franchise.

For new coaches the perfect time has arrived to prove themselves. If you are interested in taking a chance in the Julien Momm Franchise, you don’t have to be a psychology graduate with excellent marks. What counts to be a successful coach is rather your ability to understand the people’s needs, a good amount of empathy and being able to find the right words at the right time.

Julien’s former clients look back on their coaching experience with feelings of joy and gratitude.

The Julien Momm Franchise wants to establish a huge network of high-quality coaches on the

market and to start a completely new system. This is why everybody gets the chance to apply for the new franchise and prove his abilities.

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