Future for Ukraine: What does the Ukrainian-made foundation do?

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russian territory, Ukraine is receiving unprecedented support. The whole democratic world supported the desire of Ukrainians to defend their freedom and right to exist. Country accepts money, humanitarian aid and weapons.

While the diplomatic process of providing Ukraine with everything necessary is underway, you may read the story of the Future for Ukraine Foundation, what role charitable organizations play during the war and how best to help Ukrainians.

Who and why created Future for Ukraine

The Future for Ukraine International Charitable Foundation found in March 2022 in response to the start of a full-scale russian-Ukrainian war. The organization supports Ukrainian war victims through the efforts of volunteers, professionals, NGOs and businesses around the world.

The fund is headed by two Ukrainian women — communication specialist Anna Kovalyova and politician Olena Sotnyk. The Foundation operational team of ten women is Warsaw-based. Even though they had to leave their native country, Ukrainian immigrants are actively helping in the rear.

“Future for Ukraine was created by Ukrainians for Ukrainians. Our whole team is going through the war right now on its own experience. Each of us has our own history of losses and small victories. And that is what makes us strong as an organization. We know firsthand about the main pain points of the country and can provide support as quickly and efficiently as possible. In peacetime, me and most of the team worked in the communications field. So now we are doing what works best for us,” — claims the Future for Ukraine co-founder Anna Kovalyova. 

Future for Ukraine activities

The Future for Ukraine Foundation acts in accordance with its stated mission — to support Ukrainians, cultivating the Ukraine’s future as an independent European state.

Currently, the Foundation works in two areas — medical care for victims of hostilities and medical institutions of Ukraine with medicines and equipment, and support for children of temporarily displaced persons from Ukraine.

Ukrainians can apply for medical care in Ukraine and abroad on the Foundation’s website. The range of possible help includes prosthetics, surgery, rehabilitation, long-term treatment and more.

The Foundation team is also working to create a network of Ukrainian centers for the adaptation and psychological support of Ukrainian children in European cities with the largest number of migrants. The first Children Hub will soon appear in Warsaw. There, Ukrainian children will learn the language, receive psychological support, communicate with children with similar experiences, and discover the Polish culture and mindset in master classes.

Among the first cases of the FFU is the purchase of an annual supply of medicines for HIV-infected people at the request of the Khmelnytsky Regional Center for AIDS Prevention and Control. Patients evacuated from the hotspots, so the workload doubled.

One of the first aid from the Foundation was received by Olga Yakovleva. She was wounded after the shelling of her house by a russian tank. Future for Ukraine covered the costs of surgery and further rehabilitation of the woman.

Why foundations should help the state

In an interview with Euronews, co-founder of Future for Ukraine Olena Sotnyk spoke about the role of humanitarian aid from charitable foundations.

“It is crucially important to cover the need for humanitarian aid with the help of people and charities, because the state now does not have the opportunity to take care of everyone. Ukraine alone does not have the possibility to cover all needs. The state is engaged in a primary mission — to protect their own existence and the right to freedom. — says the Ukrainian lawyer and politician Sotnyk.

According to Sotnyk, charitable organizations already need to think about how to rebuild the country after the war.

Why it is better to make contributions through charities

People from all over the world who want to help Ukrainians often do not have direct contact with the victims. Thus, in order to provide humanitarian or other assistance, one has to get a specific request. In addition to donations, its implementation requires the search for goods, procurement, logistics. That is why it is more convenient for one to donate funds to reliable foundations and organizations that regularly report on their activities.

Through the mediation of charitable organizations, the contributions of patrons from anywhere in the world achieve their goal faster and more efficiently, and everyone can take part in helping Ukraine.

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