The Different Areas of Law a Solicitor Deals With

The Different Areas of Law a Solicitor Deals With

Whether it’s moving house, getting a divorce, or sorting out a will, at some point in our lives it’s likely that we will need help from a solicitor. But if you’re unsure what areas of law a solicitor can help you with, this article will highlight many of the sectors a solicitor deals with.

If you need help from a solicitor, it’s important to get in contact with one local to you. To find someone local to you, simply search solicitors Chelmsford, or your local area, to find someone close to you who can help. This will make it much easier to arrange meetings and get things sorted quickly.

Family Law

Solicitors that deal with areas of family law are incredibly sensitive and are trained to deal with difficult and triggering situations like this. They will offer an empathetic approach to your situation and help you deal as best you can whilst offering helpful advice and legal aid.

Solicitors Chelmsford, and around the country, can help in many situations surrounding family law, these include:

  • Divorce
  • Financial settlements
  • Domestic abuse
  • Separation
  • Children arrangements

Children Law

More specifically, some solicitors specialise in children’s law. They will make sure to always put the children’s well-being first. These solicitors will have expertise in children’s law areas including:

  • Arrangements for children whose parents are separating
  • Adoption
  • Social services
  • Step-parental agreements
  • Parent responsibility


In any type of property transaction, such as buying or selling a house, it’s essential to get the correct legal help. Conveyancing solicitors are very important in the property process to make sure no details are missed and houses’ are valued at the right price.

  • Buying and selling a property
  • Remortgaging a property
  • Equity release
  • Transfer of equity


Mediation is the legal process to resolve family or business disputes, such as agreeing to the details of a divorce. This can include discussing the details around children and assets etc without needing to go through the court.

Mediation can be used to resolve anything from the following:

  • Finance agreements for divorce or separation
  • Children agreements, such as where they will live, how often each parent will see them
  • Contact details for the parent and children who do not live together
  • Family home agreements

Wills, Trusts, and Private

Creating a will is extremely important if you want to make sure your wishes are fulfilled when you die. A solicitor can help you create a will, as well as any trust, inheritance tax, or lasting power of attorney. Wills, trusts, and probate solicitors will legally help in these situations:

  • Creating a will
  • Helping set up a lasting power of attorney
  • Creating or managing a trust
  • Inheritance tax
  • Choosing and creating a lasting power of attorney
  • Protection of assets

Criminal Law

Criminal law cases need an experienced legal firm of solicitors to provide the best defense against the claim. Solicitors will be able to represent you if you have been arrested and interviewed, with experience and expertise to argue in favor of you to reach your desired outcome.

Criminal law cases can be anything from:

  • Fraud
  • Road traffic offenses
  • Theft
  • Violent crime
  • Youth crime
  • Sex offenses
  • Drug offenses
  • Appeals

Get Help from Professionals

When there comes a time when you need legal help, choosing an expert is key. Solicitors are experts in many areas of law, from family to criminal. They can help in several cases, and law firms will have solicitors who are experts in specific areas of law so speaking to a local company is essential to finding the best solicitor to represent your case.

Choosing a solicitor close to you can also help with arranging meetings and getting things done quickly. Simply search solicitors and your local area, such as Solicitors Chelmsford, to find a local firm.