A robotic vacuum won’t substitute your old faithful upright or canister vacuum for deep-cleaning rugs. However, it might be ideal for low-maintenance everyday floor upkeep. These vacuums are handy for removing pet hair as well.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology such as sensors and cameras, the finest robot vacuum cleaners travel around your home without colliding with furniture or falling to the bottom of a flight of stairs. A handful of robovacs can also detect and avoid obstacles like a towel that has escaped the washing basket or a charging cord that has been mistakenly left on the floor. Robot vacuums have the same sucking strength as many stand-up vacuums, and their batteries can outlive those seen in wireless vacuums, making them among some of the best vacuum cleaners available right now.

If you have been thinking about getting a robot vacuum for yourself but wasn’t sure which is the perfect one, here are the best robot vacuums of 2022.


The yeedi vac 2 pro is a robotic vacuum that sweeps, mops, and dumps its own garbage. The innovative oscillating mopping mechanism and 3000Pa suction power vacuums and mops simultaneously to scrub off dried-on spots from wood/tile/laminate floors and clean up debris from both carpeted and hard surfaces.

There is no need to pick up before cleaning since the 3D obstacle avoidance technology recognises and avoids ordinary items like shoes, pet bowls, and children’s toys. It can also detect the space between and under furniture. If the space is lower/narrower than yeedi’s body, yeedi vac 2 pro will not enter it if it becomes imprisoned.

It also features smart visual mapping and navigation skills that analyse your rooms to map your house layout and determines an efficient cleaning path to cover the whole floor without missing any spots. Equipped with the yeedi self-emptying station (sold separately) for automatic dustbin emptying, yeedi locks 30 days of dirt in place with a 2.5L dust bag in a sealed design, enabling you to forget about sweeping and focusing on what really counts, living a simpler life.

Furthermore, yeedi announced its swap repair program, which allows consumers to switch for a new device rather than repairing the existing one throughout the warranty time. Yeedi has also made it quite simple for people to upgrade their older yeedi devices to the vac 2 series. Starting in May 2022, you may simply trade in your yeedi model for credit toward the purchase of the yeedi vac 2 series which is one awesome offer. Available from $449.99.


The iRobot Roomba j7 is one of the most remarkable robot vacuums on the market, and it is produced by the amazing iRobot. This intelligent robot vacuum can detect cables and pet waste and, more crucially, avoid them while cleaning. The vacuum utilises more suction and time to sweep dirtier areas of the house when equipped with a Dirt Detect function. When the machine needs to be recharged or its trash bin is full, it makes its way to the charging station and empties itself before charging.

The major disadvantage is that the iRobot is unclear about the vacuum’s suction power. They promote “10x” – whatever it is. However, you’ll be delighted to know that it offers Alexa and Google features, allowing you to instruct it to spot clean certain parts of your home that require fast care. Users may use the application to receive a map of their house, undertake focused cleaning, and even utilise geolocation services to schedule the machine to clean while they are at work. The j7 comes with a cleaning and self-emptying station (sold separately) that is difficult to criticise. It can retain up to 60 days of garbage and is more visually appealing than other bases. It is also more compact.

The iRobot Roomba j7 robot vacuum is ideal for cleaning up after dogs, children, or simply maintaining a clean house throughout the week. Available from $599.99.



The Roborock S7 is the finest robot vacuum for bare floors. This high-end robot vacuum performs an excellent job of removing tiny and bulky trash from flat, smooth surfaces such as hardwood or tiles. Its main selling point is its ultrasonic mopping function, which employs a pulsating mopping pad to scrape away worked-in dirt and grime, leading in outstanding stain-clearing efficiency on hard floors.

This hoover has several more automation features. Its surface detecting program enables it to elevate its mopping pad instantly when it encounters carpet or alter its suction force to fit various floor types. Its LIDAR mapping technique enables it to accurately figure out the location of numerous obstacles in a room or move in low-light conditions. You can use its phone app to target specific areas for cleaning, create ‘no-go’ zones for the cleaner to avoid, and even remotely operate it if it becomes trapped.

Sadly, it’s worth mentioning that this vacuum struggle to remove pet hair from carpets, although it does a good job on bare floors. Furthermore, even though it contains a HEPA post-motor filter, tiny particles might still escape from its exhaust, making it unsuitable for allergy sufferers. Still, if you need a robot vacuum for dirt on hard surfaces and want a variety of convenience features, this is a good option. Available from $646.99.


If you’re new to the market, finding the best robot vacuum might be challenging. Some may be used as brooms and vacuums, while others have self-emptying platforms, which can significantly increase the price, even if you locate one of the finest robot vacuum bargains. Simply browse over all of your options, explore, and ask around before making an informed selection to live a hassle-free and dust-free life.

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