The fragrance is not just a product but a reflection of your personality. Everyone loves to smell good and everyone tries to use good quality perfume. But not everyone’s pockets allow them to choose expensive perfumes. Like you’re ready for an official party but the scent you’re wearing is just the opposite of your personality. You feel insecure and wish to have a high-end quality perfume for that occasion. Through Dossier you can easily get luxury fragrance like YSL Mon Paris dupe.

Those who feel left out and afraid of investing their money in expensive perfumes, They are here to say, leave all the worries behind because Dossier is providing you with premium high-end quality fragrances at reasonable prices where you can enjoy the clean, long-lasting scent and ethically sourced product within your pocket range.

Now the perfumes of every niche are in your access and you can compare the quality of our perfumes with the quality of expensive premium and luxury perfumes from around the world. Because they are offering you the same product of the best quality at a reasonable price. Which makes Dossier a pocket-friendly brand.

Transparency of Dossier:

The most important thing is that Dossier uses original and exotic ingredients imported from all over the world and its unique ingredient combination is the perfect one to meet your needs. Their product transparency allows you to get to know which ingredient of how much per cent is being used in your product by providing you all the details of ingredients and their sources.


Dossier’s products are Non-Toxic, Vegan and Animal cruelty-free. They want their product not only good for you but for the mother earth and they do not support any cruelty on any living being.

Their packaging is also ecological and can be reused without harming mother earth. The goal of this brand is to keep the environment clean and to minimize the use of plastic which will prove to be the best for the times to come.

Yes to Smell, No to Overpaying:

Beauty is not about wearing layers of products and seems materialistic, but beauty is all about enhancing and highlighting your features. Other brands are selling these products by targeting insecurities and idealizing unrealistic beauty standards by endorsing thousands of dollars over celebrities for setting a trend and selling their pricy product. Dossier’s mission is simple “Yes to smell, but no to overpaying”.

Our best sellers’ perfumes:

Woody Sandalwood (unisex):

A beautiful combination of sandalwood with the floral bouquet creates a scent of discoverers. The scent connections for a curious, person who is ready to broaden his vista and encounter curiosity of the world.

Floral Lavender (for her):

This floral fragrance for her is an encounter of consciously sourced ingredients filled with the confident energy that a woman possesses. Feminine, empowered and free, embodies an irresistibly intense scent that takes over the world.

Floral Violet (for her):

A sparkling combination of notes opens with a fruity start of strawberry, a hint of watermelon, with further middle notes along with infused hints of jasmine, vanilla and violet leave for giving this beautiful scent a green glow. Symbolising that it is her chance to take over the world.

Fruity Brown Sugar (for her):

Opening notes of vibrant raspberry pear cocktail with the hint of floral density grow stronger into crispy brown sugar along with vanilla scent to make the scent vibrant and sweet for her. Encouraging her to stay sweet and fruity.

Customer Satisfaction:

For every business customer satisfaction is very important to retain them and always try to offer something new for them. Dossier offers their customer 20% off on their perfumes if you buy over 5+ bottles of perfume and free shipping if you buy any 3 products. Dossier allows their customer to try their products first. If the customer does not like it then he can return the bottle of perfume. What makes them unique from others is their return policy. Dossier gives their customer a full refund on the return of the bottle and donates that bottle of scent to charity.


Their goal is not only to create the best perfumes but also to be complete and satisfy customer needs. If customers are satisfied with their product, then the purpose of their hard work and effort will be fulfilled.

That’s why they are always available for feedback. Your feedback is what motivates them to do better.