Net0 comes to Davos 2022

Net0 comes to Davos 2022

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is taking place from May 22nd to May 26th in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. At Davos, the Net0 team will be discussing the AI-powered carbon management platform Net0, that enables organizations to calculate, measure, reduce and track their carbon footprints and contribute to carbon offsetting solutions for unavoidable emissions.

Following severe climate changes and encouragement to transition to the green economy, it is imperative that the Net0 team joins the conversation in Davos to discuss how technology must be used to accelerate organizations to net zero and strongly decrease their environmental impact faster. 

Net0 is a comprehensive AI-powered emissions management software, which includes carbon accounting, emissions reduction planning tools, verified offsetting solutions, and reporting across all emission scopes. 

Events in Davos this May will enable Net0’s team to meet with leaders that are responsible for change. Net0’s attendance exemplifies the world leading actions that Monaco is taking to fight climate change by bringing carbon reduction management technology to one of the most important events of the year.

“We are thrilled to be in Davos during the WEF Annual Summit to showcase Net0’s climate technology to participants from Switzerland and around the world”, commented Dmitry Aksenov, co-founder of Net0. “As climate change climbs to the top of the list in both national and corporate agendas, the use of technology becomes imperative. At Net0, we are proud to be supporting governments and leading companies in their transition to carbon neutrality.”

The attendance of Net0 will focus on:

  • Bringing awareness to the importance of climate tech in accelerating the journey to net zero.
  • Building connections with leaders who are taking action against global warming.
  • Discussing reduction strategies and how carbon management platforms like Net0 can help businesses effectively reduce emissions through setting targets and  benchmarks with AI-driven simulations. 

This exciting appearance represents a huge opportunity for Net0 to continue its mission to guide governments, organizations, and businesses through their transition to the green economy.

Net0 is a Monaco based climate technology company, offering a fully cloud-based AI-powered carbon management software. Our mission is to help businesses automate their carbon emissions’ management and simplify their transition to a green economy. Net0’s comprehensive platform includes carbon accounting, emissions reduction planning tools, verified offsetting solutions, and stakeholder reporting across all emission scopes. Net0 enables organizations across the globe to deliver on their Net Zero promises through the use of software, by monitoring emissions in real-time, providing stakeholders with actionable CO2 reduction plans, and generating investor-grade performance reports.

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