A Skincare Marriage Made in Heaven! Grass Roots Skin® Cosmeceutical CBD Skincare Range Launches

An innovative, ethical and luxury skincare brand with a difference! A cosmeceutical range with the added ingredient of topical CBD. This stunning collection is the foundation for the world’s first CIBTAC endorsed CBD facial the Grass Roots Facial® available in select clinics and salons from 10.10.20.


Grass Roots Skin® Product Range
aha cleansing wash £28.99
aha skin tonic £28.99
retinol repair cream £48.99
skin drench super serum £58.99
super glow miracle oil £54.99
retinol eye refiner £39.99
super shield spf50 £32.99


Free from animal cruelty, Vegan friendly , contains natural ingredients, made in the UK, responsible sourced, 3rd Party Tested,
recyclable bottles and packaging, charitable – % of profits donated to PAPYRUS – prevention of young persons’ suicide.

Calm, Balance, Detox: That is what CBD does to your skin. It’s all in the name.
CBD has many benefits to up your skincare game.
The four A’s: Anti-inflammatory Anti-oxidant Anti-ageing Anti-bacterial.

What’s CBD all about?
Ok, let’s get mildly scientific for a moment… In 1988 the first cannabinoid receptor was discovered in the brain of a rat, fast
forward to 1995 and researchers found that these receptors were also in humans. Cut along scientific story and years of clinical
trials, extremely short… researchers found a signalling system between receptors in our bodies and receptors in the cannabis
compounds which they called endocannabinoids. This signalling system is now officially named the Endocannabinoids System, aka ECS. Our bodies are intended to work with cannabinoids. One could even say that scientific research shows CBD is essential!

A lot of skin conditions derive from inflammation and CBD has great anti-inflammatory properties, which help to soothe the skin and reduce redness. Acne sufferers hail the benefits as not only does it reduce inflammation and redness; it also inhibits overactive oil production. However, don’t let that influence you into thinking it is not suitable for dry skin, CBD helps to retain moisture and encourages cells to repair, making it perfect for all skin types.

The anti-oxidants found in CBD repair cells and encourages collagen reproduction resulting in visibly reduced lines making it the new super hero in anti-aging skin care.

Rosacea, Psoriasis and Eczema sufferers have all benefitted from the active ingredients in CBD Isolate. The soothing qualities repair dry, sore and flaking skin.

Grass Roots Founders, Jo Minchin, Lyndsey Price, Zoe Wilkinson

“One thing we are certain of, we have created something special. We saw a gap in the market, took a chance and ran with it. We married cosmeceutical active ingredients with high grade CBD isolate and put it into the one skincare range, and we truly believe it is incredible!

As beauty experts, we had a keen interest in skincare and also personally experienced the benefits of CBD. When we began to develop our own skincare brand, we saw a gap in the market.  We quickly realised that there were no brands incorporating cosmeceutical active ingredients with CBD, it was either one or the other.  Fast forward 12 months and you have Grass Roots Skin®.

A full range of cosmeceutical CBD skincare for all skin types that incorporates all the antioxidants of CBD along with the ingredients a consumer expects within their skincare today; retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, AHA’s and peptides.”

Grass Roots Skin® Product Range website launches on 10.10.20 www.GrassRootsSkin.com

The full Grass Roots Facial® experience retails at RRP £129. Each therapist may offer a variation of the Grass Roots Facial®
dependent on your client’s skin conditions, time constraints and budget. available at two locations from launch and plans for
salon training across the UK from 2021.

LA Perfection, in Witney Oxfordshire 01993 849620

Clever Contours in Marple, Cheshire 0800 246511

Press & Media Enquires

Grass Roots is represented by Cristie Herbert of CiCi PR for any further information, hi-res images, press samples, to interview the Grass Roots team please contact CiCi PR

Email: hello@cicipr.com
Telephone: +44 (0) 7738399617

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