What factors contribute to the pricing of an auto transport?

Every year, many people hire an auto transport service company to ship their cars. This way of moving vehicles is affordable and it offers fast delivery of automobiles. Vehicle transport companies help many people who want to ship their cars from one destination to another. Many factors come into play when car transport companies price out the shipping of your vehicle. Finding a good auto transport services company to move your car is not an easy job.

Moving across locations in terms of a state, country has become the norm nowadays and what bothers the owners the most is the car shipping cost. Since most of the individuals are proud owners of a beautiful car, it becomes imperative to calculate the total cost that would be related to transporting to a new destination. Many factors are involved when calculating an exact car shipping cost. Below are a few major factors which contribute to the pricing of an auto transport service.


Distance is the main factor when calculating car shipping costs, and your per-mile cost will likely reduce as you go longer distances. For example, car shipping typically costs in the range of $1.95/mile for auto transport services ranging from 1-499 miles. In this way, a 300-mile auto shipment would cost approximately $585. For vehicles being sent long distances, your per-mile cost drops. E.g., moving a car over 1000 miles reduces the car transporting price to .95 cents a mile. So, in this example, distance plays a vital role in calculating the car shipping cost.

There are other factors that can contribute to calculating the shipping cost. Here are a few of them.

Car Make and Model

Car transport companies need the exact vehicle make and model because the car carrier needs to know how much space will be required for your car. Longer cars need more room on the trailer, which can increase the cost of the auto transport.

Open or Closed Car Carrier

Open transport is the most frequently used type of car transport carrier and is considered the most affordable and cheaper than an enclosed car transport. Most standard-sized vehicles can be transported using open transport. The enclosed car transport is an ideal option for cars that need extra safety for the elements, climate control, or classic and luxury vehicles that need additional protection.

Delivery Time

How flexible are you with time? Do you want your car to be transported immediately, on a specific date? If this is the case, the cost of transporting the car will be higher. The higher cost of this quick service assures delivery on your requested date. This is frequently used by classic vehicle owners moving their cars to auctions or auto shows.

Supply and Demand

Like other businesses, the law of supply and demand factors into the final cost of your car transport. Supply and demand are subjective by seasonality, gasoline prices, and climate conditions, among other factors. As supply and demand change every day, following these variations is essential for calculating an accurate price that will transport your vehicle professionally, in one piece, and on time.

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