British Couple Invent The First Big Lockdown Card Game

A British couple David and Madeleine Cooper, have invented what they believe to be the first family-friendly card game in the world, to be themed around 2020’s unprecedented experiences. They have also announced that a special ‘print and play’, pre-production version of ‘The Big Lockdown’ will be made available in time for Christmas, with some of the proceeds being donated to Crisis to support the work they are doing to help the homeless.

David Cooper explained, “The Big Lockdown is a tongue-in-cheek card game themed around people’s experiences in lockdown. It is a fun way for the whole family to do something sociable, ‘off screen’ over the holiday season, whilst at the same time learning about the importance of balancing risks and taking sensible precautions. Despite the challenges of this unique year, we believe humour is a great antidote to dealing with the dark times we have all had to cope with”.   

David also told us, “The Big Lockdown was initially inspired as a creative outlet for dealing with the stress, anxiety and difficulties that my wife and I, like everyone else, were facing during lockdown. It is filled with references to recognisable elements from lockdown from toilet paper hoarding, Zoom calls gone wrong and attempts to complete Netflix to the struggles of home schooling. 

It is an easy to learn game for 2 – 4 players, for anybody from 8 years upwards and combines luck, skill and strategy with each game lasting on average approximately 15 minutes”. 

Zatu Games, one of Britain’s biggest board game retailers said: “The Big Lockdown is a game bursting with personality. The attention to detail in this card game is sure to bring smiles to the whole family. From silly illustrations to funny situations, this card game will be a hit for those nights in, before or after lockdown.”

The ‘print and play’ version will be emailed to supporters of The Big Lockdown campaign on Kickstarter: and a video of how to play is also available. Prices are from £12 and purchasers will also get the officially produced box and game in 2021.

The Kickstarter and access to the ‘Print and Play’ version ends on 3rd December.

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