Technology changes fast – do your teams learn and collaborate enough to stay at the leading edge?

Modern software and IT teams need to share knowledge, resources, and good practices to make their work relevant and effective. Businesses that use internal tech conferences to join up the learning across departments are better at spreading ideas, embedding practices, and applying new thinking to their operations.

Victoria Morgan-Smith and Matthew Skelton, long-time practitioners in software development, announce the print publication of their book Internal Tech Conferences. They share practical advice on how to prepare, run, and follow-up on an internal tech conference (including remote conferencing), together with some case studies from several organisations showing common approaches and unique adaptations.

Internal tech conferences can make a significant impact on an organisation’s level of sharing, learning, and communication by accelerating multi-team learning across technology departments. An increasing number of enlightened organisations are using this powerful approach to spread and embed new ideas and practices.

An internal tech conference is effectively a technology conference run by and for the staff of a single organisation. Done well – as suggested by this book – an internal tech conference helps to bring together disparate teams and individuals in a shared celebration and examination of the current practices and approaches within the organisation, accelerating learning at a time of rapid technological change.

With case studies from Financial Times, Klarna, and MetaSwitch, the book Internal Tech Conferences provides examples and templates for every organization to adopt this vital approach to continuous learning for fast-paced evolution of software systems. 

“By bringing people together in the same physical or temporal space for an extended period of joint learning, organisations help ideas and approaches to spread and align across many different teams. Increasing inter-team cohesion like this helps to produce a culture of excellence based on mutual learning which in turn increases organisational performance.”
— Victoria Morgan-Smith, co-author of Internal Tech Conferences

About the authors

Victoria Morgan-Smith is Director of Delivery, Internal Products at the Financial Times, where she has been helping teams succeed since 2009. @VictoriaJMS

Matthew Skelton is Head of Consulting at Conflux, where he specialises in Continuous Delivery, operability and organisation dynamics using Team Topologies for software in manufacturing, ecommerce, and online services. @matthewpskelton

Book distribution

Internal Tech Conferences was first published via Leanpub in 2018 and is now available in print and ebook formats from Amazon stores worldwide (US, Canada, DE, FR, UK and other territories, Book Depository, Bookshop and on e-book stores, releasing 16 November 2020. @IntTechConf – Book website:

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