How to control the kid’s daily screen time using an app

In this competitive market, there are many applications with GPS pursuit for iOS or automaton. One of the foremost common examples is Google Device Manager. However, among the simplest solutions within the market, we tend to believe that FamiSafe parental control app is one of the best notable selections. We’ll drive through Famisafe Parental control options through this text, and that we can make a case for because it stands mutually of the simplest mobile hunter application within the market.


FamiSafe may be a powerful location pursuit application that involves serve your pursuit needs! The applying is supported by automaton and iOS devices. Therefore despite your smartphone preference, you’ll be served with a powerful phone pursuit computer code. We are able to list below a number of the foremost notable options offered by this screen time app.


The cases of capture have inflated drastically. The most reason for capture a toddler is obtaining a cost from folks. If they are doing not get cash from their folks, they typically kill the kid. Therefore it becomes essential to guard the lifetime of our kids from kidnappers. Putting in the FamiSafe app on kid’s phones can enable folks to grasp their kids’ live location. They will track their kids’ period location and guarantee their safety, particularly after the square measure strolling back from college, college, or tuition categories.


  1. FamiSafe provides easy accessibility to the live location of the phone you’re observing.
  2. It provides correct data.
  3. Supports net Filtering.
  4. App interference and App Activity Report options offered straight out of the box.
  5. It detects specific Content and reports concerning Suspicious Photos.
  6. There are multiple eventualities wherever you’ll use the app. As an example; if your target device is lost or taken you’ll use FamiSafe to trace the device location as long because it has an online association.
  7. FamiSafe may be a free phone hunter. You’ll access all functions by upgrading to a premium set up that is accessible at cheap costs.
  8. You don’t have to handle everything on your kid’s phone. Once the initial setup, you’ll monitor everything from your own smartphone.
  9. It is offered for automaton and iOS


The process of obtaining FamiSafe in your smartphone and therefore the target (kids) device is sort of easy. You wouldn’t like advanced skills on automaton / iOS to induce it to figure. Value noting that the primary necessary step is to register an associate degree account since FamiSafe is an associate degree account-based product. If it’s your initial login you’ll simply register on the app begin screen. As said, the app is accessible for demonstration with restricted options. However, you’ll choose a paid set up for full-fledged expertise.

The first issue you would like to try is to line up the application/service on your kid’s phone. The method is sort of easy however involves obtaining loads of permissions. This is often simply to confirm that everyone’s options can work seamlessly. Moreover, there’s Administration permission which will make sure that your youngsters won’t accidentally uninstall the app.


Log in with the account you’ve simply created within the beginning.

Then a brand new screen can seem to permit you to see if this is often your youngster’s Phone

Select “Kids” and insert data concerning your youngsters, i.e. Name and Age. After that, the app can provoke a collection of permissions like Accessibility management, Notification Access, associate degreed even Run as an Administrator.

Pricing Plan: The monthly plan costs $9.99 per month, quarterly plan is $6.66 per month, and annual plan is $4.99 per month.

Please download Famisafe here 

 Apple Store and Google Play Amazon


As said, FamiSafe is accessible for many devices in a very demo mode. However, if you would like to expertise all the options of this phone hunter with intensive and continuous support, you’ll want a paid set up.

Monthly – $9.99 /month – adjust up to 5 devices on your account

Annual – $4.99 /month – adjust up to thirty devices on your account

Quarterly – $6.66 /month – adjust up to ten devices on your Account

Worth noting that solely users within the Premium plans are going to be able to check Browser History, Location History, Use the good management Schedule, the specific Content Detection, and Suspicious Photos detection options. Moreover, the free set up solely permits you to fritter away to one smartphone. In the end, if you would like to watch your youngsters and obtain the simplest attainable data, we tend to powerfully advocate you deed the Annual set up that is reasonable as $59.99.


FamiSafe app is that the best screen time app that will expeditiously monitor all the net activities and send it to the remote parent device. This app is accessible within the robot play store also because of the apple store. We will check the decision logs, incoming and outgoing text messages, and instant messages on Whatsapp and Facebook travelers. We will additionally sight uncommon photograph sharing from our kid’s phone and stop sharing photos at once victimization of the FamiSafe Screen time app.