SwissBorg Bitcoin Prediction Free App crossed the threshold of 19,000+ active users!

SwissBorg has launched a Community app where anyone can “Predict, learn and earn Bitcoin with zero-risk”.

Lausanne, Switzerland – 15th of June 2019 – The biggest obstacle to growing the crypto community is the lack of understanding and the fear of losing money. Our community app solves both challenges. Three months after its launch, already 40,000 users have downloaded the app with over 19,000 actives players.

Available on both the iOS and the Android store, the community app rating is above 4.7 stars with excellent feedback: “Awesome experience. The app is super user-friendly and I love the edutainment concept. It’s fantastic that you guys are teaching your users how to be more confident in a new sphere that makes a lot of regular users feel slightly uneasy. It’s great that you’re empowering people with knowledge. BTW’s love the design)))”

We are forecasting to have over 100,000 active users by the end of the year 2019.

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SwissBorg is a community-backed financial ecosystem with the ambition of helping individuals to find alignment between their vision of the future and their portfolio of investment.

The success of this journey lies in transparency, accessibility and trust. These key values are deeply rooted in blockchain’s DNA, a technology that powers SwissBorg.

After having successfully reached the $51,000,000 hard cap of our ICO campaign in January 2018, we are releasing our crypto wealth management app at the end of 2019.