How to repost someone else’s video with a Story saver Instagram tool

In this short guide, you’ll finally get all possible ways to repost someone else’s Story on Instagram in the best quality (without loss and glitch pixels, additional watermarks, frames, borders, and logos).

Here are some questions we’re going to answer in this post:

  • How to save someone else’s Story on Instagram?
  • What Story downloader is better to use?
  • How do I add other accounts of Instagram Story to my account or send the video to friends without reposting it right on Instagram?

Why do users apply the Story saver Instagram tool to get any of Instagram Stories?

You’ve probably seen how someone reposted in Stories a huge and difficult-to-look-at construction, and it appeared in a frame with watermarks, logotypes, borders, and in a disgusting quality.

It is not difficult to repeat this, you can just install a Repost app or do it with screenshotting Instagram content.

But in this article, we have collected all possible ways to save the Instagram Story and repost it in the best quality possible. And the most comfortable and effective is using an Instagram Story Downloader for this goal.

Why should you use a Story downloader Instagram tool?

  • You don’t need to log in to your Instagram account or provide any personal information.
  • Save the Instagram videos without any borders, logos, frames — just clear videos.
  • Save Instagram stories and highlights also in a few clicks.
  • Download videos in high quality – 4K, HD.

How to add someone else’s Story to your Instagram: all the ways

Instagram has simplified the work of users – now you can not even leave Instagram for a repost.

1.    Repost Stories with Instagram functionality is not possible

  1. Open the panel with all Stories and find the one you need.
  2. After opening the Story, you will see a paper airplane icon in the lower right corner.
  3. Instagram will offer to send it to your friends. You can repost someone’s Story to yours, if you’re not mentioned in it.

It doesn’t work the same as in Instagram posts.

2. Repost any Instagram Story by saving and publishing it from your account

If the previous method is not enough for you, and you’re curious how to add someone else’s Instagram Story to your account without screenshotting  it, here is an instruction:

  1. Open an Inflact Story saver for Instagram.
  2. Find the right person and open this or her profile in the search bar.
  3. Select any Story that is available for download.
  4. In the lower menu, there will be a Download button that can save someone else’s Story to your device.
  5. Click on it and wait for the download to take place.

By the way:

The Instagram Story can even be downloaded to a PC, laptop, or computer. In the future, if it is necessary for a person, he can easily send the resulting file to the phone. In fact, you don’t have to download various utilities. You can try an Inflact online service to save any Story from Instagram to any device, that has a browser. This service is designed to download any user’s public stories.

Why is this necessary to save Instagram Story from other accounts

Why are people wondering how to save someone else’s story on Instagram? Often our acquaintances, relatives, or friends share something interesting in stories – funny videos, beautiful photos, successful jokes.  And sometimes we want to copy them to ourselves to share with our followers. And the screenshot looks dirty and low-quality. Same for a screen video.

This is a really important and useful function, besides, unlike a regular publication, it is not so easy to implement it. Copying stories is more difficult than posts, but if you arm yourself with the information from this article, everything will work out.

A short FAQ about saving Instagram Stories

What happens if you save someone’s Story?

The user will not get anything for this. These photo and video materials from Instagram can be downloaded completely legally and legally.

Is it possible to download other people’s Instagram Stories?

The user can download, save the stories of other people because they put them on public display. If they do this, it means that they are not shy about what they show. You can download Stories from public accounts only.

Is it safe to use Inflact for Saving Instagram stories?

Yes, Inflact is the best available tool for downloading Stories from your favorite Instagram accounts and their reposts. Inflict doesn’t require any information from you — neither payment information nor your Instagram account. It is absolutely free Instagram stories saver.

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