Setup a Super Successful Instagram Shop: Complete Guide


Setting up an Instagram shop makes it convenient for your audience to purchase products from you. When you activate an Instagram shop on your account you get better rates of conversion. Many creators and brands have set up their Instagram shop due to the great results it provides. Creators buy followers on instagram to make their accounts look more appealing to the shoppers. When you set up an Instagram shop you will gain conversions when you start to gain viewers on your Instagram posts. In this article, we have provided you with a complete guide to setting up a successful Instagram shop. 

  • Set up a business profile

The first step of creating an Instagram shop is setting up a business profile. The business account has much more features that can aid the development of a brand. The business account provides users with a variety of tools that help them to gain viewers on Instagram posts. If you are a creator or a brand you should convert to an Instagram business account irrespective of where you want to run an Instagram shop. A business account is necessary to set up an Instagram shop. You can easily convert your account by going to the settings page. Click on account and at the bottom, you should find the option to switch to a professional account. 

  • Seek approval

Not everyone can set up an Instagram shop. You need to seek approval from Instagram for being able to start your Instagram shop. There are certain criteria that you must meet to qualify for setting up an Instagram shop. You need to have a business account to proceed with opening up a shop. Your business has to be a part of a market that is supported by Instagram shopping. You need to be the owner of the website where you sell your business products. The product you are selling must be a physical and tangible object. You should also read the Instagram merchant agreement and commerce policies. Your business should be compliant with them. You should link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. This is essential for preparing the shop. Once you get the approval you are ready to start setting up your Instagram shop.

  • Build a catalog

When setting up your Instagram shop you need to have a catalog of products. This contains a list of all the products you sell. To create your catalog you need to log on to Facebook. Click on the commerce manager and go to create a catalog. Choose e-commerce. This provides you with the option to create a new catalog. Give the catalog a name and select on add items. This will allow you to enter the details of the products you are selling. You upload each product with its image and a title. Write attractive titles for better sales. You even get to write a small description for each product along with the price. Repeat this technique to add all of the products. A simpler way of creating a catalog is by integrating an eCommerce platform along with it. You have the option to select an eCommerce site for your products with Shopify being the most used. Linking this will save you from having to enter the details of all products.  

  • Instagram review

Once you are done with creating a catalog you will have to submit your account for a review by Instagram. In your settings, choose the Instagram shopping sign-up option and submit your account for a review. Over the next few days, Instagram runs a review on your account to find if you are eligible. Once you get the all-clear from Instagram you can start setting up your shop on Instagram. Go to settings and click on business. Over there you have to click on shopping. This will allow you to choose a product catalog that you want to use in your shop. Select the catalog that you set up earlier. By doing this your Instagram shop gets activated.

  • Create shopping posts

Using feed posts you will be able to improve the visibility of your shop. A post for your Instagram shop is not too different from a normal post. You will have to use hashtags and quality content to get good visibility on the post. When making a post for your Instagram shop, you can tag the products in the picture. When users click on this tag they will be displayed the proof of the product and redirected to your Instagram shop. Try integrating shopping posts into your normal posting schedule to see the best results. When you gain viewers on your Instagram posts you should also see a rise in your sales.

  • Create stories

Stories are a great means to gain engagement. Creators even find the best site to buy Instagram followers to have more story viewers. Stories have become an important part of Instagram. You can advertise your Instagram shopping products in your stories. Create a normal story and use the sticker tag to link your product. This is best used for scenarios where you are showing your product being used in real life. Tagging your products makes it convenient for users to view and purchase the products.

  • Instagram guides

The use of Instagram guides has become very popular. You can use this feature to your advantage when promoting your Instagram shop. Create a guide where you can showcase the best products you have. You can even create guides about general topics related to your niche and try to integrate your products into them. As the name suggests guides are a guideline that a brand or a creator provides. You can increase sales by making eye-catching guides for your products.


The Instagram shop is super helpful to increase sales. If you are a brand or a creator who wants to boost their sales you should use the Instagram shop. After setting up your shop remember to keep updating the catalog to get new products for your audience.