You MUST Have Your Own Business List by Alexey Khobot

With all the new fish in the internet marketing pond you hear on the hype and the scams that are floating around, it is quite a challenge to differentiate the quality business opportunity from the acting on behalf of the larger ‘opportunity’ that will provide you with hundreds of dollars in the next 24 hours.

It is the people who sell those in no solicited junk that swim the line between the screen in the far right corner and the lesser printed subcatch that tend to lead to better progress beyond AdSense sites, Ezine-writers, In Memoriams and Lead- Generation sites explains Alexey Khobot.

This is a list of them: the ones who seem to have ignored the best strategic advice for someone who actually wanted to advance to greater and then greater levels. Here are some of the tips that will help you:

1. Your own domain name is a means to line up a brand positioning or create the image you wish others think you are. If you are aiming to slim people down by focusing on the smaller size you gain the slight ‘tipping-point’ effect of self-consciousness in a non-clad body, and this produces a state of panic in people who may not otherwise hide it.

2. Do not merely swap web sites with other people. Search engines (especially Google) very often omit the unique names (the ones they find under ‘opt-in’ or a ‘Private’ page) as this doesn’t fill their lists but rather gives a frequent appearance to pages that are already on their Way oftentimes broken underlines (in more or less color) where several people are trying to repeat a keyword or data.

If anyone thinks they’ve learned that search engines don’t list a site under ‘opt-in’ the wrong way around it fails to go the way you think. So the dwell up revolution is listed here by Alexey Khobot.

3. Website Content. Content creates backlinks, and backlinks are more likely to get picked up by the search engines than a list of faked testimonials. There are two types of complaint sites: the 1-page sites which offer general information that get added to FFA (Free-For All) pages. The second type is the scanned squeeze pages (well those most important too — the S treps) which in fact add more traffic to the system. There is an overlap of FFA pages and squeeze. The FFA site has more emphasis on offering more visitors but this type of site is more questionable, more open to the type of people that are currently including in their opt-in lists.

If you get someone to pay for a service, leave them well satisfied. And perhaps even add a short testimonial or two in order to offer someone positive reinforcement ( Penny PCs, mandatory landing pages, and Reverse manuals). Simply because this way you can get e-mail from marketing gurus who have tested that there are no issues with using this ‘system’ that gives you a monthly increase in your opt-in list.

4. Test the copy and jive that is on the site that promises increased revenue or sales. Don’t forget to check the headline’s copy. Generally it should include statements that ask others to click to the site to get more info, and not just through the site’s location. You must remember that sales or revenue generation will always depend on the results of your results. If the headline is not strong enough to do its job, you will have to change the offer, but always test the headline in a different medium, to get the best results.Check the words in the headline as well. Due to the variety of people who are running these type of e-mails, you will require a split test by checking the headline and the body copy to get the same picture. The headline might be the article’s ‘moneymaker’ or it might be the difference between three subscriptions and the first one’s 20.

5. Know where the hell to advertise is the question asked by Alexey Khobot. Even though you will use AdWords, remember that not everyone else has a use for you, even when your headline has the headline of the age in it. When advertising by itself, always have a full explanation of what you are doing on the ‘Return Path’ that businesses usually prefer.

6. The number one thing that your marketing system needs to get you to convert your visitors in to subscribers is to make sure your unique sales offer is a headline that drives folks into your opt-in form than click off. This means it must be a offer that is ‘sexy’, valuable, and has the dramatic effect of creating success.

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