6 Reasons Why Offices Should Have Coffee in Their Pantry

For anyone working as a supervisor or manager in an office setting, you have probably wondered whether it would be a good idea to stock the pantry with loose leaf tea. Considering you’re the one who makes most of the decisions, you have every right to ponder about investing an asset of this nature.

However, after taking your time to go through the list of benefits offered by coffee and tea to employees, you will, in no doubt, rush to stock the office pantry.
Most managers don’t realize that the benefits of having a brew coffee maker in their offices far outweigh any money they may need to spend when starting.

Read on to learn how having tea and coffee in the office affects your employees: 

  1. It Helps to Boost Productivity

Considering the many benefits offered by coffee and tea prepared from tea bags, this is perhaps the most obvious benefit. Most employees require the rush given by caffeine to help them through the morning and mid-afternoon hours.

It’s normal for many of them to experience post-lunch blues, regardless of whether they have consumed a small or big lunch. Scientific studies have shown that the natural biorhythm in individuals begin to peak as 2 pm approaches.

Consuming some tea throughout the day helps to give the employees extra caffeine boost, thereby boosting their production. Having coffee in the office makes the employees feel energized.

An energized employee gets to increase their efficiency. Coffee and tea have been known to enhance work efficacy, boost energy levels, and improve mental focus. Increased work output from the employees will have a long-lasting impact. 

  1. Boosts Mood Levels

Top among the reasons to have coffee in office is that scientific studies have indicated that regular consumption helps elevate levels. Enhanced levels then assist in boosting focus and mental clarity.

The employees taking the coffee are then able to improve their overall output and productivity. Buying your supplies from an online tea and coffee shop guarantees that the employees won’t have to suffer from early morning fatigue thanks to the caffeine boost.

In some cases, coffee consumption has also been seen to assist in preventing the onset of depression. Taking the initiative to provide the employees with coffee and tea shows you value their wellness and health status.

  1. Promotes Socializing and Networking

Gone are the days when employees had to visit the water cooler for them to bond. Today, most prefer to socialize and network over a cup of tea or coffee during their breaks.

During this time, they bond with others by making small talk about their home stresses or ongoing work projects. You can buy cheap coffee online and use it to stock the pantry to enhance productivity all day.

Moreover, when employees take their tea breaks, they get a chance to brainstorm varied work problems with colleagues and generate solutions to their problems.

  1. Promotes a Welcoming Environment

Still not convinced as to why you should have tea and coffee included in your office pantry? Buying a coffee maker for the office assists the personnel in feeling appreciated and valued by their employers.

It’s one of those little things that you do that improves their happiness levels, enabling them to increase their output. Installing a coffee maker is not only easy, but it’s also a guaranteed technique you can use to make them feel at ease, even in a formal setting.

By creating a comfortable environment for them, you’re doing your part in reducing the burnout rate among your people. Employee surveys have also revealed that employees would rather have their bosses invest in coffee makers than organize annual Christmas parties for them.

Workers tend to feel happier, comfortable, and more satisfied with their work when they have a cup of Tea or coffee in their hands. Happier workers, in turn, mean you get to deal with a lower turnover rate. Less hiring will, in the long-term, save you a tone of time and money.

  1. Enhances Morals and Office Morale

Enjoying tea and coffee in the office can go a long way towards boosting morale in the workplace. All that is needed is a good coffee maker and an unlimited supply of coffee beans and tea bags.

Your personnel needs to see that you appreciate them and their work. Supplying personnel with a caffeine boost is a good way to show them what they mean to you. Furthermore, coffee can also assist in keeping people honest.

People tend to break the rules and become dishonest when they are sleep-deprived and tired of their daily work routines. In this article, you have already seen that tea and coffee assists to keep employees energized.
Additionally, it also helps them to exercise some honesty in the workplace. In the long-term, this is something that you will find useful.

  1. Offers Numerous Health Benefits

Last but not least, among the reasons to have coffee in office is that apart from enhancing mental focus and boosting mood levels, it also offers additional health benefits. Studies have shown that coffee functions as an antioxidant.
Coffee is, therefore, not only great for your employees’ long-term health, but it’s also among the leading sources of antioxidants in Western-inspired dies. It also comes with numerous micronutrients such as manganese, magnesium, and riboflavin.

Moreover, frequent coffee consumers have also shown a reduced risk for dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Type-2 Diabetes. All these are conditions likely to affect different employees in the company.

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