Ensure Global HR Compliance for Your Company

The more branches your company adds, the more complicated the job performed by your central HR department becomes. Every company has to maintain global HR compliance at all times to guarantee the company’s ability to operate smoothly and legally.

Many companies operate their human resources departments on two levels. There is a satellite HR department in each of the company’s branches to deal with local administrative tasks and payroll. These satellite HR departments are often tasked with keeping the central HR management department up to date on any changes to the local tax, social security, labour and foreign worker statutes and regulations. This puts a lot of pressure on the local HR department.

Some HR departments at some branches are more well-run than others. And some governments are more adept at conveying news of updates to the statutes and regulations to employers and companies than others.

The central HR department, when possible, keeps track of all these statute, code and regulation revisions and updates. It may adjust the company’s branch or overall policies to be in compliance with them. But the satellite department, as well as the employees in the branch office, are the ones that will suffer the consequences of a missed compliance update.

Better Way of Management

A better way to manage the dissemination of vital information concerning compliance amendments would be for a department to be staffed with experts whose job was to keep a direct line of communication open to ruling bodies that made these compliance amendments.

Many multinational companies around the world have wished for a management system like this. It would ensure that employees of the company in different countries were all treated fairly and equitably. It would also ensure the ability of the branch offices and factory to operate normally, without any disruption to the services offered or their supply chain.  

Outsource Your Global Compliance

A company called OS HRS offers exactly this type of service. It has a team of global compliance experts who keep track of the HR compliance amendments in many countries around the globe. And it operates this service on an outsource basis.

When your multinational company forms a partnership with OS HRS, you inform them of the countries in which your company is actively doing business. The experts at OS HRS will then begin monitoring these countries to learn whenever a compliance law or regulation is changed. They will then analyse the changes and keep you up to date through a weekly email update sent directly to your HR department. They will inform you about the changes in detail and be available to answer any questions you might have.   

Additional Services of OS HRS

OS HRS is in the business of streamlining its customer’s HR services. They offer global payroll outsourcing services that include statutory filings and treasury services. They also offer services in HR advisory and analytics. And they have a full-scale employee application and payroll processing platform that’s completely customisable to your company’s global business needs.

To ensure your company is in HR compliance in all the countries you’re operating in, consider outsourcing the considerable tasks of your HR department to OS HRS, the experts in global compliance.