Why Employee Connection is So Important and How to Boost It

How your workforce communicates and connects with itself is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of running a business. Employees are individuals with their own unique temperaments, opinions, values and attitudes, meaning that the occasional disagreement is highly probable. However, with good connectivity and communication, these disagreements can be rendered less destructive to the progress of the business. Take a look at some of the reasons employee connection is so vital to the success of your company and ways to improve it.

What Are the Benefits of a Connected Workforce?

When your workforce is better connected, ideas and solutions are shared more readily and therefore obstacles are overcome sooner. Employees who are happy and capable of sharing information between each other are more effective within the company and can respond better to updates and changes in real time. Sometimes a blockage in your business can stem from the lack of connection between teams or individuals and addressing this can be a surprisingly efficient fix.

What Can Happen When a Workforce is Disconnected?

If you fail to identify a disconnected and uncommunicative workforce in time, the business is likely to see some or all of the impact. This might come in the form of weaker ideas being poorly executed or information taking too long to spread among the relevant teams. It takes much longer to spot and solve problems when teams can’t easily and quickly share solutions. You might notice that your workforce is having trouble being efficient and this could very well be a result of too many disconnected individuals and teams trying to work together.

Use Technology to Make Communication Simpler

There are so many ways that your employees could be feeling disconnected from each other and therefore the company vision. Fortunately, there are even more ways that technology can help you and your business create better connections that make communication easier and quicker. Here are a few examples of how different technology can improve the connectivity of your workforce:

  • If your teams work in separate offices, provide extension numbers for each desk phone and make these assigned numbers known to the wider company. This will make it much easier for individuals to seek the relevant person when making a query.
  • Another useful tool for businesses to keep their teams in the loop is to introduce an intranet. This is an online place where your employees can find and share information that is separate from the internet, therefore better protected. You can find out more about the benefits of using an intranet here.
  • Updating your business’ devices can be a simple way to help your employees stay in touch with each other. Sometimes the main reason a person can’t engage is because their technology is too old or limited. Make sure that both hardware and software is kept up to date and reliable.

Remote working and managing a large workforce can make running a business more complicated, but with stronger connections and better communication you can continue to strive for success.

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