How to raise your chances of winning in BTC Dice?

The Bitcoin Dice game is recognized as the most profitable crypto-casino game, with simple rules. This BTC game even set a record in 2016 when 250 Bitcoins were won with a single roll. Can you imagine?

But how is this possible?

Shortly, there are some game-winning strategies. The same Dice roll probability applies to both traditional and Blockchain Dice games (only the betting here is based on Blockchain). The strategies focus on whether you wager on high or low Dice rolls. However, you can’t follow the tactics without knowing the game first.

So, before discussing some killer strategies to nail the game, let’s review the BTC Dice rules.

Bitcoin Dice Rules 

The BTC Dice rules are simple.

  • Choose a range from 1 to 99 to determine the coefficient.
  • Bet
  • Wait for the random allocation to discard the outcome.

You may give a range above or below the center threshold. But choose the right side to WIN! The smaller the range, the higher the coefficients. How close the number was to the final digits determines the reward.

There are various ways to win in Dice, but the most important thing to remember is to follow your guts. Nevertheless, don’t forget the abovementioned strategies, which should help you immerse in an exciting and, more importantly, highly rewarding game experience.

Learn winning strategies below.

  • The Paroli Strategy 

You can start the game by betting your own money. If the bet succeeds, you may double it until the loss. But you should reduce the wager if you’re on a winning streak and have already won a large sum.

This strategy depends on lucky wins, so it’s safer than the others. Yet, for huge profits, you must be on winning streaks, which seldom endure.

  • The D’Alembert Strategy

Mathematicians developed the D’Alembert method, which is recommended for most crypto casino games, including Bitcoin Dice.

This strategy involves increasing the bet when you lose and decreasing it when you win. Your number of rolls before winning determines the possibility of recovering all your losses with a single victory.

  • Martingale Strategy

The Martingale approach is very popular with BTC Dice. The technique requires you to increase your wager after each loss until the victory. Once you win, you’ll collect all your money, plus your initial stake. After each win, you’re advised to re-bet the original amount. 

Final remarks

Among BTC games, Dice is considered the most popular. Hence, it’s found in practically every online casino. However, FortuneJack BTC Dice is the one to try your luck on. The reason is simple: you may enjoy FJ’s enormous payouts and daily freebies, a reasonably high RTP, and many other bonuses, not to mention Provably Fair Technology, which ensures that game results are entirely random.

So, if you’ve never played an online game before, Bitcoin Dice is undoubtedly the one to take a chance on and start playing till you strike the big win.