Will Dogecoin Lose Top Spot After HUH Token’s Launch?

Launch days can be especially turbulent, but none more than in the cryptocurrency market, especially for the cryptocurrencies that are going to be rivalled for supremacy.

HUH Token’s launch today saw Dogecoin worry for their top spot status, but you might be wondering why the world’s first ‘Utimeme’ was able to achieve that response from Dogecoin.

This article is going to explain how HUH Token’s launch today did more than enter the cryptocurrency market and how the could have affected Dogecoin in unseen ways by crypto lovers.

Dogecoin Rivalled by a Worthy Opponent

Dogecoin had really only been rivalled by Shiba Inu in august of 2020 because Shiba Inu harnessed something that Dogecoin had missed, or at least, hadn’t conidered would be used against them on the cryptocurrency market… this was the power of influence and Shiba Inu used it to trounce Dogecoin all those months ago.

It appears that Shiba Inu also share that same lack of foresight given HUH Token’s popularity before today and on it’s current launch day (Happy Launch Day HUH Token!). The lacking of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu is that a cryptocurrency (HUH Token) would launch a Utimeme.

HUH Token’s Utimeme, the only worthy opponent of Dogecoin, is a token that uses the power of influence (meme coin) with the usability of utility coins (Ethereum).

Here, on Monday Decemebr 6th, HUH Token launched on to the cryptocurrency market and it made more than a splash especially with the future plans of HUH Token for instance its MetHUH and you can read more about that in HUH Token’s White Paper.

HUH? Worthy for You Too?

Though it’s all good and well that HUH Token can rival the big dogs but what does HUH Token mean for you and to you and what do you mean to HUH?

A bit of a mouthful? Maybe not, because one of HUH Token’s main aims is to keep generations of HUH Token holders, HUH Nation member and MetHUH community member mouths full.

This could be achieved through numerous lines of technology application HUH Token have set out but mostly with their smart contracts, multichain use and LP acquisition which is set to increase liquidity over time.

HUH Token’s heart is you because a community is nothing without its people.

Launch, Baby!

There might be no sweeter words to mine and crypto lovers and newbies ears today on HUH Token’s launch.

Because, well, it’s HUH Token’s launch, baby!

I might sound overly excited about that, but like you, I’ve been following the presale state of HUH Token with a fixed eye and their launch day has been at the front of my mind for weeks.

One of the reasons that I, along with most of the crypto world, have been excited for HUH Token’s launch day (today) is because HUH Nation is growing and that benefits everyone who’s a holder of HUH Token.

HUH Token are set to take the crypto world by storm and given HUH Token could be the only worthy opponent of Dogecoin, today and in the future.

If this article has whetted your lips for all things HUH Token, then you can check them out now and revel in the buzz of the much awaited HUH Token Launch.


Again, Happy Launch Day HUH Token, we might just have been waiting for some-crypto like you.


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