Crypto Genius- To become Genius in Trading

Cryptocurrency is a secured digital currency that exists on top of a Blockchain platform made with cryptography, consensus, distributed ledgers, and other concepts. It is a digital asset that runs over a complex network of decentralized computer structures. The trading of cryptocurrencies is free from the government or any regulatory authority.

The word ‘Cryptocurrency’ was derived from the encryption techniques used to secure the network. Basically, ‘Crypto’ refers to cryptographic techniques and to algorithmic codes that are printed inside Bitcoins to safeguard their transactions, from their value manipulations or their duplicity.

Today, even if Bitcoin’s trading market has boomed with time since the last 10 years, they face criticism related to their legal status, their value changes, their online payment systems, and above all, skepticism about their security and trustworthiness. However, features of bitcoin like transparency, portability, inflation resistance, and speed of transaction make it a revolutionary concept.

Types of Cryptocurrencies.

Every person today has heard about Bitcoins only, as they are widely accepted and the first digital currency used in trading. But, in the real trading world, there are many other cryptocurrencies as well.

Bitcoin was the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency, but today there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies also available in the market to trade that have their specifications and functions.

By March 2021, 18.6 billion bitcoins are floating in the market which calculates to about $927 billion of market capitalization. Some of the other popular cryptocurrencies, known as ‘altcoins’, are Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, Ethereum, Cardano are also available in the cryptocurrency trading market to buy or sell.

How can you trade in Cryptocurrencies?

Every person who is interested in trading cryptocurrencies can buy and sell them either via cryptocurrency exchanges or peer-to-peer using various trading software or trading applications like- Coinbase, Cash app, etc.

The investor simply needs to-

  • Get registered on exchanges, software, or applications; of their choice, by opening the trading account
  • Add money (as per your choice). This deposit will be the initial capital investment to initiate trading.
  • Use the shared market analysis data to take the right and profitable trading decisions

The transaction details of the token are recorded permanently in the blockchain and tokens are collected in the digital wallets. The profits are generated by mining Bitcoins or selling them at some profits.

The most important thing that always needs to be kept in mind while trading is that the market prices of cryptocurrencies also depend upon their demand and supply, like other commodities in the market or country’s economy. Thus, their exchange rates, too, can fluctuate. This is where many trading softwares play a vital role. The softwares provide data-driven market analysis details to the users that let them earn profits and not suffer losses in trading.

Let’s talk about one of such trading software, which promises to assist in making profits and with its exquisite features and help in making better trading decisions. That’s Crypto Genius.

What is a Crypto Genius?

Crypto Genius came into existence when the founders of the organization analyzed the growth and opportunities in the crypto space. The software uses highly secured and advanced technologies to help its users in analyzing the price volatility of cryptocurrencies. The software functions in fully automotive mode and assists the investors in generating an accurate level of profits in trading.

Why Crypto Genius?

  • It works on 24*7 fully automated mode, helping in making profits regularly i.e. eliminating the user’s efforts to work hard on analyzing the market trends
  • The software is highly secured as it does not involve any human intervention.
  • Crypto Genius has won several awards as well, including the one from the prestigious US Trading Association for best cryptocurrency trading software of the year.
  • They have excellent customer support staff, an efficient payment system, work on instant verification of accounts, and have partnerships with the best and reputed brokers of the trading market.
  • Crypto Genius complies with anti-money laundering and KYC policies, that ensure the financial security of its investors.
  • Anyone can join the Crypto Genius community for free, i.e. there are no charges to become a member of this elite group.
  • It is a 100% legit cryptocurrency trading software as it uses advanced trading strategies and risk management techniques
  • Its powerful technique- time leap- keep its users ahead of others in the trading market.
  • The software is globally famous and is internationally recognized and rewarded.
  • Crypto Genius ensures every investor with a daily minimum earning of $1000.
  • Apart from different types of cryptocurrency trading, the investor can trade numerous other financial assets as well.
  • The software can be used on all internet-enabled devices, which means no downloads are needed.
  • On registration, the free demo account is also provided to every user to practice before trading in the real trading world.

All in all, Crypto Genius helps you gain financial freedom. Register today.