Bitcoin UP- Trading software to control your Future Finances

Before knowing about various cryptocurrency exchanges or trading software, it is important to know a bit about terms like- Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency or Blockchain.

Cryptocurrency is a digital payment mode used for every kind of financial exchange, just as we use US Dollars or any fiat currency. These digital currencies are written in complex algorithms using computer engineering technologies such as cryptography.

Blockchain technology was invented with the view to keep and track all the transaction histories, to control the creation of monetary units (like codes) and to verify every transaction through digital signatures.

Bitcoin is the name of one of the well known and widely accepted cryptocurrency.

Some basic unknown facts about cryptocurrency are:

  • They don’t have any intrinsic value, i.e. can’t be redeemed for any other commodity
  • Cryptocurrencies don’t have any physical form of their own, they are digital.
  • The cryptocurrency trading network is a decentralised one, i.e. no involvement of any 3rd party or government or any regulatory authority

How does Bitcoin Works?

Bitcoin is a computer file that is stored in ‘digital wallets’. Every Bitcoin is printed with source codes inside it that provide the authenticity of Bitcoins and make them tradable.

Once the account gets open or the registration process is complete on trading software, a digital wallet gets created to keep all the bitcoins and this is how the very first bitcoin address got generated.

Every time Bitcoins are sold or purchased, the permanent ledger of Blockchain maintains the transactions as an entry. Blockchain uses public and private keys to take the digital signature of the trader to authenticate the transaction and to initiate the trade.

Within 10-20 minutes, all transactions get broadcasted on the network through a process called Mining ( a distributed consensus system to confirm the pending transaction included in the blockchain).

After understanding bitcoin, the question arises, where to buy bitcoins?

There are four primary ways to start with Bitcoin trading-

  1. Through Cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US that trades in more than 30 cryptocurrencies
  2. Through Investment Brokers such as Robinhood, the first investment broker in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, or others such as Tradestation, eToro, etc
  3. Through peer-to-peer purchases which means buying bitcoins from other bitcoin owners using peer-to-peer tools like Bisq, Bitquick or
  4. Through Bitcoin ATMs- there are more than 7000 bitcoin ATMs in the US, like the most popular one named Coin ATM Radar

However, there is one more way through which you can get bitcoins. This is the process of mining in which users are required to maintain large machines with high computational power to validate bitcoin transactions. This is a bit challenging as it requires technical expertise.

Let’s list out some best Bitcoin Softwares or online brokers of 2021

The best Bitcoin Trading Platforms, specifying the reasons why they are listed as best:

  1. TradeStation (Best Trading Platform)– because it supports casual as well as active traders and charges $0 stock and ETF trades, allowing them to trade in not only Bitcoin but also Litecoin, Etherium, XRP and Bitcoin Cash.
  2. Coinbase (Best Crypto exchange)- because it has the most user-friendly web interface and crypto trading platform. It also allows trading 14 different cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, ETH
  3. eToro (Best ‘low fees’ Platform)-  because it allows trading for 16 different coins charging zero commission or ETF Trades. It also allows access to copy trading.
  4. Kraken (Best in Maker-Taker Fee schedule)- because it offers a web platform to trade on 18 different cryptocurrencies like- XMR, XRP, DSH, etc.
  5. Bittrex (Best known for most Altcoins)- because it offers 1000 tradable coins but does not have any web or mobile platform.
  6. Gemini (Best known for offering Gemini Dollars)- because it allows its users to trade in Gemini Dollars along with our cryptocurrencies
  7. Robinhood (Best Mobile App)- because it allows its users to trade in multiple classes of assets.

If there are already so many best options available in the trading market then why must the user try new software? Why should we consider Bitcoin UP Trading Software? What is the Bitcoin UP trading software?

To answer all the above questions, we must first know about Bitcoin UP Trading Software.

What is the Bitcoin UP Trading Software?

Bitcoin UP software let its users trade on automotive mode. The user just needs to specify the preference of trading by setting certain parameters. The rest of the work will be taken care of by the software. It will assist in earning profits for its users round the clock, even if the investor is away from his system.

You need to take only 3 steps to get yourself registered on Bitcoin UP Software-

  1. Complete the registration form and wait for confirmation mail from Bitcoin UP
  2. Open the trading account once you get approval and deposit a minimum of $250 amount to initiate the trading.
  3. Activate the software on any internet device and let it work to give you profits.

Why Bitcoin UP Trading Software?

  • The software works on full automation mode and users have to give only 20 minutes daily to set their preferred trading parameters.
  • Bitcoin UP is the only software that has direct tie-ups with top companies offering world-class brokerage services.
  • It helps its users by offering a free and unlimited demo account to let them practice before trading in the real trading world.
  • The accuracy levels of market analysis data are extremely high, as compared to other software online.
  • It uses a web-based interface, so no download of software is required.