Find the perfect bunk beds for messy kids this Christmas

Messy bedrooms are the bane of many parents’ lives, and with Christmas around the corner and piles of new toys to find homes for, it’s the perfect time to think about a new bed for your little ones. Kids bunk beds are fun, space-saving and make a wonderful Christmas gift that will last for years, with space to play, sleep and grow. If you’re looking for new bunk beds for your children this Christmas, there are so many gorgeous options out there, with slides, wheels, platforms, treehouses and more! We take a look at some of the best kids bunk beds for messy kids and what clever features to look out for.

Themed bunk beds for imaginative kids

If a boring white bed won’t suit your kids, there are a huge range of fun and exciting themed bunk beds available, from police bunk beds complete with painted wheels and a ladder to climb to magical treehouse bunk beds with a platform and slide. If your little girls love pink, they will adore a princess bunk bed, with plenty of space for all of their cuddly toys too.

A playhouse bunk bed with a slanting roof can be anything your kids imagine up, from a knight’s castle to a secret hideaway or pirate’s lookout. From campervans to London buses to forest treehouses, whatever your kids are into at the moment, there’s a bunk bed which they’ll both love.

Space saving bunk beds for messy kids

Many kids’ bunk beds are designed with a range of space-saving solutions, which are perfect for all of those new toys they’ll be getting in December! If your little one loves reading, there are bunk beds with built-in bookshelves, reading trees and bookcases which are perfect for storing their favourite bedtime stories so you can always find them, no matter how messy their room is!

Look for clever storage solutions, like under the stairs secret storage spaces or large drawers under the bed which makes tidying up quick and easy. If you are short on space in your kids’ bedroom, you can find bunk beds with built-in desks so they can get their homework done and find exactly what they need.

Bunk beds for growing families

If you’re expecting a new addition or your babies are big enough to share a room now, bunk beds are a popular choice for growing families across the country. Triple decker bunk beds can be a great option for bigger families, with space for three to sleep and large guard rails for safety. Think of the space you’ll save without those two extra beds taking up room. If you’re shopping for a kid’s bunk bed it’s also a good idea to look for convertible bunk beds which can be adjusted when they grow. A trio bunk bed with a double bed underneath a single bed can be another great choice if you need more space.

Bunk bed features for safe sleeping

Safe sleeping should be the number one priority for all parents and there is a wide range of extra safety features included in many kid’s bunk beds on the market today. If you’re concerned about them rolling over or moving a lot in the night, make sure their new bed has a large guard rail, or that the bottom bunk is low to the floor. Glow in the dark grips is another handy feature so they can always see the steps no matter what time it is.

Kids’ bunk beds for Christmas

Whether your family is growing, your kids’ bedroom is always a mess or you need more space, kids’ bunk beds continue to be one of the best choices. Make sure your little ones have enough space for all of their presents and somewhere fabulous to sleep while Santa is on his way and order your kids’ bunk bed in time for Christmas!

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