The Importance of Bird-Proofing Your Solar Panel

The Importance of Bird-Proofing Your Solar Panel

Solar panels are a great technology for protecting the earth from dangerous threats like green emissions. However, did you know that solar panels are hot spots for birds?

The birds often tend to nest under the solar panels and splatter them with their droppings. As small as they seem, birds can cause long-lasting damage to solar panels. For instance, bird nesting can render solar panels less efficient by causing damages that are too expensive to repair. More significantly, the damages could cause dangerous interferences with the environment and the ecological balance around the installation area, which goes against the purpose of solar panels. However, you can prevent all this by using a solar panel mesh.

Also known as a Birdblocker, this mesh is a tool for safeguarding your solar panel from birds. It is usually installed around the solar panel or between the gaps in the solar panels that birds usually use to get into the panel and build their nests.

One of the key values of using mesh to protect your solar panels is that it discourages nesting. Birds often look for ideal places to build their nests. Bird nesting beneath solar panels can trigger significant issues like long-term damages that require expensive repairs. They also affect the productivity and effectiveness of the solar panels. The nesting birds in the solar panels may also become a nuisance to people living in the neighborhood because of unwanted noises and contamination risks from their droppings.

Another importance of bird-proofing your solar panel is that it helps protect the environment. Solar panels aim to protect the earth from dangerous emissions. However, bird nesting in the solar panels can prevent them from achieving this goal. They can also cause more issues by affecting the ecological balance around the solar panel installation area.

Bird nesting in solar panels can also cause damage to the roofing material. When birds build nests under the panels, they trigger structural issues to the roofing materials, which can be expensive and frustrating to correct.

While you can embark on DIY installation, it may take a long time. It is also a complex process that requires some form of expertise. Furthermore, you may require professional installation tools that cost money to acquire and need skills to operate. For this reason, the best option is hiring a professional to handle the installation. A professional will handle all the heavy work so you need not worry. Also, they will ensure to install the best mesh and in a way that it does not interfere with your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Solar panels attract birds since they provide warmth and protection against the weather. They also provide the comfort that the birds need to survive. For this reason, they often nest underneath or inside solar panels. However, they can cause significant damages and issues to your solar system when they nest within them. For this reason, solar panel birdblockers are significant technologies.