How was Cristiano Ronaldo’s first season at “Manchester United”?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the major legends of world soccer. He became a real star with “Manchester United”. By the way, you can follow the soccer live scores of this club on the sports statistics website. It covers the team’s matches in all tournaments.

Ronaldo joined the “Red Devils” team in 2003. He immediately became a leading performer. Already at the age of 18, Cristiano got regular playing practice. However, the player still needed some time to adapt. In his first season in England, he played 29 matches in the English League, where he scored 4 goals. With the rest of the tournaments, he had 40 matches and 6 accurate shots.

That season, Ronaldo together with “MU” managed to win the Cup of England. By the way, you can watch the live scores of all soccer matches from the world of this tournament on the sports statistics website.

Some people may think that Ronaldo’s first season in England was unsuccessful. He scored relatively little; the club failed to win the English League. However, it’s easy to explain:

  1. The role of the player on the field. At that time, he did not play in the attack, but on the flank of the midfield. Ronaldo was distinguished by his classy dribbling and regularly beat opponents. However, he did not complete attacks.
  2. Rebuilding the team. A new era began with the arrival of the young Portuguese to “MU”. The club lost the lead in the championship for 3 seasons, but then managed to win the English League and the Champions League several times.
  3. The need to adapt to the new league. Soccer in England is tougher, denser. Obviously, the 18-year-old needed time to adapt to it.

The Portuguese’s subsequent career at “United” showed that his transfer was more than successful.

Some features of Ronaldo’s debut campaign

When Cristiano first started in big soccer, he primarily impressed everyone with his dribbling. His passes on the flank and crosses to his partners were the first thing the Portuguese was remembered by the fans. By the way, if you missed the livescore yesterday, then you can check the sports statistics site for the latest oppositions with Manchester United.

As a whole, the 2003/2004 campaign for Ronaldo and Manchester United was a transitional one. A new phase was beginning at the club. Alex Ferguson quickly saw the potential in the talented Portuguese, so he began to actively engage him at a young age. Cristiano was able to quickly adapt to English soccer, and his results have only improved from one season to another.

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